what are the significant figures ?

what are the significant figures for

6.022 x 10to the power 23

1.79 x 10 to the power -19

3.00 x 10 to the power 8

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    Significant figures:

    “The uncertainty in a measurement is an estimate of how

    much larger or smaller another measurement of the same

    quantity is likely to be”.

    3.2  0.1 cm , or 3.24  0.01 cm.

    The digits that are obtained as a result of measurements

    are called significant figures.

    Zeros that lie to the left of the first non-zero digit are not

    significant figures. “A zero that lies to the right of a decimal

    point and also to the right of the first non-zero digit always

    counts as a significant figure”.

    0.0054070 has 5 significant figures.

    For multiplication or division, the product or quotient

    should not contain more significant figures than are

    present in the least precise factor in the calculation.

    Area = 6.2 cm x 7.01 cm = 43 cm2 and not 43.5 cm2, i.e. 2 significant figures only.

    -Precision and accuracy:

    “Precision refers to how closely measurements of the same quantity

    come to each other” i.e. How a measurement is uncertain  0.1 or 

    0.01,----------- etc.

    *Accuracy refers to how close an experimental observation lies to the

    true value”.

    ** A more precise measurement is a more accurate one.

    - The amount of uncertainty in a sum or difference will be at least as large as the largest uncertainty in any of the terms involved in the calculation.

    4.37153 + 302.5 = 306.9, and not 306.87153, i.e. four significant figures only.

    For addition and subtraction, we round the answer so it has the same number of decimals as the quantity with the fewest number of decimals.

    - Exact numbers:

    Those are coming from the definition or direct counting e.g. 3 ft = 1 yd or 4.25 yd x (3 ft/yd) = 12.8 ft.

    The number of significant figures is determined solely by the number of

    significant figures of the measured length and not the labelled factor(3).

    Source(s): For more information: mail Prof. Waheed Abdullah Badawy wbadawy@wbadawy.csc.org.eg wbadawy@hotmail.com
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    a million sig fig= 6 2 sig figs= 6.a million 3 sig figs= 6.13 considerable figures are in simple terms numbers that in the time of actuality arent 0 if u had 3.140567 to around to 4 sig figs it would be 3.1406 using fact 0 doesnt count huge style as one and there replace right into a 6 after the 5 so u might around that to the subsequent huge style wish this helped :) x

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    4, 3 , and 2... remember only count zeros that come after the number beyond "."00001 , 1 signifigant figure here... when the number is large the zeros after they number are insignifigant.. 100000, Again only 1 sig Fig...

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