Summer homework

We are going to have a party tonight. How many people will come tonight ?We have to prepare some food for the party .

There ___(be) ten altogether

So what ___we ___(eat)tonight?

l think we_____(have)pizza tonight.Any other idea?

Pizza is good .Then what about drinks?

We____(drink)fruit juice.

What ___we___playtonight?


When____the party ___(start)?

lt ___(start) at five o' clock.

So let's get everything ready now.

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    There will be ten altogether.

    So what will we eat tonight?

    I think we having pizza tonight. Any other idea?

    Pizza is good. Then what about drinks?

    We will drink fruit juice.

    What will we playtonight?

    We will sing karaoke.

    When will the party start?

    It will start at five o' clock.

    So let's get everthing ready now.


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    1) There (will be) ten altogether

    2)So what (will) we (eat) tonight

    3)I think we (will have ) pizza tonight

    4)We (will drink) fruit juice

    5)What (are) we (going to) play tonight?

    6)We (are going to sing) karaoke.

    7)When (will) the party (start)?

    8)It (will start) at five o'clock

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