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簡單的英文翻譯 (中翻英)



1:一支筆 一張紙 換來一整個東京

2:視覺 聽覺 嗅覺 味覺 觸覺


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    1:一支筆 一張紙 換來一整個東京

    A pen and a piece of paper exchange the whole Tokyo!

    2:視覺 聽覺 嗅覺 味覺 觸覺

    The sense of sight, the sense of hearing, the sense of smell, the sense of taste and the sense of touch.

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    1:一支筆 一張紙 換來一整個東京

    A pen and a sheet of paper have been traded for the whole Tokyo .


    視覺 Sense of Sight

    聽覺 Sense of Hearing

    嗅覺 Sense of Smell

    味覺 Sense of Taste

    觸覺 Sense of Touch

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  • 1. A pen and paper trades an entire Tokyo




    視覺 Sense of visual

    聽覺 Sense of hearing

    嗅覺 Sense of smell

    味覺 Sense of taste

    觸覺 Sense of touch

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    A pen A piece of paper Bring one whole Tokyo

    2 : Vision Sense of hearing Sense of smell Sense of taste Sense of touch

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