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jess asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 1 decade ago

Baby names...(kinda long; sorry!)?

okies well I know this one's kinda long :( I'm sorry

but can you guys tell me which you like best? other suggestions are great too? thanks sooo much (:

*=my faves so far


Annabelle Riley Ward

*Autumn Rose Ward*

Raven Elizabeth Ward

Kylee Michelle Ward

*Drea Riley Ward* (pronounced drA-uh)

Brin Kaitlyn Ward

Annabelle Brooke Ward

Jayde Blair Ward

Kylee Paige Ward

Autumn Sage Ward

*Kylee Raine Ward*

*Riley Nicole Ward*

*Annabelle Meckenzie Ward*


*Aiden Quinn Ward*

*Lucien Quinn Ward*

Logan Shane Ward

Milo Chase Ward

*Logan Nickolas Ward*

Liam Aiden Ward

**Trent Cole Ward**

Lucas Shane Ward

Draven Quinn Ward

Shane Cole Ward

Shane Connor Ward

Trent Aiden Ward

River ___? Ward

Logan Micheal Ward

??? faves of those? any other ideas?

thanks sooo much :)

Blessed be!



it's our first child together but he's got a son to an ex;

& his name is Nickolas Andrew

&& we're planning to have at least a couple more after this one :)

I dont' really like using names from within the family yea

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    Trent Cole or Autumn Rose. Definately. OMG I LOVE THOSE NAMES. Why dont I have those names?

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    Annabelle Riley Ward

    *Autumn Rose Ward

    Raven Elizabeth Ward

    *Kylee Michelle Ward

    Drea Riley Ward (pronounced drA-uh)

    Brin Kaitlyn Ward

    *Annabelle Brooke Ward

    Jayde Blair Ward

    *Kylee Paige Ward

    Autumn Sage Ward

    Kylee Raine Ward

    *Riley Nicole Ward

    Annabelle Meckenzie Ward


    *Aiden Quinn Ward

    Lucien Quinn Ward

    Logan Shane Ward

    Milo Chase Ward

    *Logan Nickolas Ward

    Liam Aiden Ward

    *Trent Cole Ward

    Lucas Shane Ward

    Draven Quinn Ward

    *Shane Cole Ward

    Shane Connor Ward

    *Trent Aiden Ward

    River ___? Ward

    Logan Micheal Ward

  • 1 decade ago

    Trent Cole Ward

    Autumn Rose Ward


    Kylee Nicole Ward

    Brinley Kate Ward

  • 1 decade ago

    I like Paige, Drea, Blaire, and Brin with Elizabeth. I also like Quinn for a girl.

    For boys I like River, Connor, Logan, Trent.

    I don't like all one syllables.

    I really like...

    Trent Logan Ward

    Blaire Elizabeth Ward

    Quinn Elizabeth Ward

    River Preston Ward

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  • 1 decade ago

    My favorites:

    I like Drea ( but i think it will be mispronounced very often )

    I love the name Brin/Brynn Kaitlyn.... (girl)

    I love the name Trent Cole ....(boy)

    others that I like:

    girls: Blaycee Blaire Ward

    Emma Klaire Ward

    Mallie Kristian Ward

    Presley Claire Ward

    boys: River layne Ward

    Carter Rayne Ward

    best of luck to ya!!!

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    1 decade ago

    I love Autum Rose! That is so adorable! It sounds so girly and perfect! I like Annabelle too, but I thinkt hat Annabelle Meckenzie doesn't flow very well and is really long.

    As for boys, I absolutely LOVE Trent Cole and Trent Aiden. Out of those two, I like Trent Cole the best. I feel that that name flows better and is made up of two great and not overly common names.

    Great job picking out names!! I know how hard it is...and I had to do it for TRIPLETS my first time!!!

    Source(s): Mother of 6-week-old triplets Merrick Pierce, Chendler Leonard, and Tallon Eve!!!
  • 1 decade ago

    Kylee or Rylee for the girl

    Shane for the boy

    Can't stand River, Draven, Milo, Lucien, Autumn, Annabelle, Brin, Raven, Drea

    Why not Adriana or Andrea or some other long name for Drea and cal her Drea for short

    What about some of these names that sound kind of like ones you picked but way better Callie, Kaleah, Kyliana, Caliana, Kyra, Kyla, MiKylee, Ryder, Dylon, Luca, Aubrielle, Audrielle

  • 1 decade ago

    Is this your first child or only child? Do you have any initials you'd like to follow? What are the names in the family so far?

    For girls I like: *Riley Nicole Ward*

    I also like the name Bailey fo r girl: something like

    "Baily Marie Ward"

    would be pretty as for me I went with Siera Christine for my daughter and my son we went with Ryan Christopher.

    But I loved the name DEVON and my husband wanted the name Rowan. So we agreed on Ryan. But I really like:

    Milo Chase Ward & Trent Aiden Ward

    or even Logan Micheal Ward

    Aiden is becoming a very common name now but I like Conner as a first name to if you like common.

  • 1 decade ago

    My pick for girl: Riley Nicole Ward

    My pick for boy: Aiden Quinn Ward

    Good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    Of your girl names, my favs are:

    Brin Kaitlyn Ward (though I prefer "Brinn" spelling)

    Annabelle Brooke

    boy names:

    Aiden Quinn (although it's hard to get past the association w/the actor Aiden Quinn!)

    Logan Michael - or do you mean to spell it Micheal?

    Your name list is sweet... I seem to detect a bit-o- gaelic/ have lots of choices to work with! Best of luck.

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