I turn 21 sat, I arrive in louisville on fri, i will be staying on zorn ave the east side. good bar recs?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Depends on what you're looking for. But since you're turning 21, I bet you just want to drink.....a lot.

    I would recommend going to Barret Ave. - Bardstown Road; there are a couple dozen bars, cafes, restaurants, etc stretching maybe 3-4 miles.

    Many people attempt 'The Bambi Walk.' That's where you start at Phoenix Hill Tavern (where Barret avenue turns into Bardstown Road at Broadway), have one drink...and then have a drink at every bar until you crawl, stumble or fall (you will not be walking at this point) to the Bambi Bar. But chances are, if you like Phoenix Hill, you'll spend the whole night there....or you'll end up liking some bar along Bardstown Road.

    If you get hungry along the way, you've got to go to Skyline Chili at the MidCity Mall on Bardstown Road for Cincinnati style chili coney dogs.

    Now, to treat your innevitable hangover the next morning, you've got to get breakfast/lunch at Lynn's Paradise Cafe.

    Have a good time and have a Happy 21st Birthday. But please don't drink and drive. Get a taxi or designated driver. I'm from Louisville (Zorn Avenue, actually), and I don't want to see anybody get hurt or killed.

    Also, Louisville Metro jail is a bad place to spend your birthday and/or nurse a hangover.

    Below is a pretty comprehensive list of bars in Louisville.


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