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Fish compatible with Bubble eyed goldfish?

i know they have real bad eyesight, so i wanna get a tank buddy who will be good with him/her. i have one bubble eyed goldfish [fancy goldfish?], and i wanna get 1 maybe 2 more fish to be it's buddy.

what fish would be a good tank mate? [more bubble eyed? maybe a moor or something?]

and how many gallons would i need? right now my bubble eyed is in a 2.5 holding tank till i get more~

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    Since your bubble eye, like any other heavy bodied goldfish, will get to be about 10" long tops, it will need about 20 gallons of space to be comfortable. For each additional goldfish past the first, you need to count on about 10-25 gallons each and try to get that in a long and low rectangular style tank instead of tall tanks or unusual shapes.

    As you noted, bubble eye goldfish do have quite poor eyesight and it's very easy for most other fish to out compete them for food. For that reason it's best to select other fish with a similar poor vision or very, very shy fish. Also, due to the delicate bubbles, you will want to avoid fish likely to bother the bubble eye or that could pose a threat tot he bubble with spines or sharp fins.

    I would suggest you limit your choices to additional bubble eyes or celestial goldfish. For three such fish a 40 long style or better yet a 55 gallon would be perfect.


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    First, that 2.5 gallon is totally inappropriate for even one single goldfish. If you want two goldfish, you need a 20 gallon tank. For three, 30 gallon -- they grow to 8 inches or bigger. if you KNOW FOR SURE you will upgrade in a year, you can probably start with three smalls in a 20 gallon. Never use a 10 gallon for golides. You can get any other goldfish that has eyesight issues, so they all can eat. Like a black moore, or even an oranda. Not a regular goldfish, since their bubble eyes are very delicate. No other kind of fish but goldfish. DO NOT get a pleco or bottom dweller, they will kill these fish. Good luck! PS, goldfish DO do better in groups, but only if you have the space. They will be unhappy by themselves, unless your tank is uber small.

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    The downside to getting any kind of goldfish is that it can only be kept with other goldfish. This is because they swim so slowly it confuses and stresses them to have other fish swimming laps around them.

    any kind of goldfish or moore will do fine.

    But FIRST you need to get yourself a MUCH larger forty gallons. Cheap ones can be found on craigslist !

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  • Anonymous
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    i would get a 20-29 gallon tank and put another fancy goldfish in there. a 2.5 gallon is way too small goldfish will outrow it in a short time and poop too much for you to keep it clean.

    you may could get away with 3 fancies ina 29 gallon with good filtration and water changes.

    but the black moors i have found from personal experience will get territorial in smaller tanks. no comets or commons b.c they will out compete the bubble eye for food.

    29 gallon tank kit at walmart 96.00

    stand 50-60$

    dont add any tropical fish or plecos they have different water requirements

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    all goldfish should have a min of 55 gallons, as the smallest goldfish which are fancies will reach over 12 inches long and massive in body.

    Goldfish i like to think of as classes


    B)singled tailed(AKA feeders, comets, commons)

    C)strong fancy(fan tails, rykins)

    D)weak fancies(bubble eyes, heavy head orandas(might be able to say class C)

    But you never mix goldfish from other classes, other than A and B(as they can live together)

    The reason you dont mix them, is due to swimming ablitly. Singled tailed goldfishes can swim alot better/faster than twined tailed fancies. So you dont mix them.

    Single tailed goldfish are referred to me as aggressive, not temeperment wise, but swimming aggressivness. When i didnt know much about fishes, i had orandas in with large comets and kept wondering why my orandas kept having popped heads. It was due to the swimming aggressiveness of the single tails.

    The best thing to do is really not get any until you have a larger tank like that 55 gallon, But then only add around 2-3 more bubble eyes. Of course bubble eyes are very delicate and can be damaged very easily.

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  • Kyle S
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    For a goldfish most reccomend at least 10 gallons but 20 for the fishe to be comfortable what you have him in now is fine till he gets bigger, so wait a month or so an buy a 20 for him if you want to upgrade now i'd go to petco and buy a 20 gallon for $20 this is there current offer and you will have to buy the 20 since its the minimum, you hav untill the 9th of next month I belive!!!!

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    First off Fish don't need companions to be happy however some breeds of fish do better in pairs. Gold fish are the exception. they do not have to have another fish in with them to be happy.

    I would recommend, 1 gallon of water per fish.

    atleast and enough room for them to swim freely about the aquarium. Remember that not all fish can live without a heater. Gold fish can, but ask before you purchase anything else to make sure they can live in the conditions that you have set up.

    You can place another goldfish with a goldfish.

    you can put snails, frogs,and any Non-aggressive cold water fish in with him too.

    ask for more information from the employees who work in that area at your local pet store.

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    You should stick with another goldfish. I don't know that the type will matter so much. You can put one more in the 2.5 gallon tank, I think, but goldfish are "dirty" fish and I would upgrade to a little bigger tank soon.

    Source(s): experience
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