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Tell me something "confidential" in Engineering, please?

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    Understanding "Dynamic force"-

    Using wood to simulate the experiment. Make the model the size of a standard 4 seater square dining table. Make the model heavy- I used heavy shipping pallets to simulate the experiment, sitting an a false bottom floor.

    (1) Take 4 stilts and a wooden top, place it on unstable but level ground to form the shape of a table- build upon it another "Table". Make it 5 stories high or more.No bolts no- other fixtures. 25 unfixed peices needed.

    (2) Next to it make the same sized structure using not so many modules. Take a flat plate on the bottom, 4 supporting struts, (corners) - and finish off with a wooden plate on Top. I will allow all 4 supporting struts to be fixed with screws or the likes to the top and bottom plate. 6 peices in all- fixed.

    (3) Repeat Number one next to number (2) above , but this time build it upside down starting with a flat piece on the ground in where each "leg" are screwed into the bottom plate- at each corner- just like stacking 5 upside down tables on top of each other-In where nothing holds each of the 5 "tables" to each other. 5 solid modules- unfixed to ech other.

    Manipulate the ground to simulate an measured "Earthquake" in where all three models feel the effect of such a manipultion equally- Do the experiment 3 times-

    Number (2) wins every time- ? Wrong!

    Number 3 withstands the "Earthquake" each and every time- while the other models collapse each an every time-

    Now convert the experiment to accomodate real buildings-

    Result: Earth-quake proof buildings- A Superior engineering application to what's currently avialable.

    I'm saying- if a building was made as applied to the said model application at number 3- if such a building was 5 stories high, and the implied "earthquake" was recorderd as being 5 on the Richter scale- the gross 100 percent Dynamic force of the earthquake would be dipersed over the whole building to represent a net applied energy of only 20 % of it's destructive force in total- Thus any value representing 25.1 or less dispersal rate would indicate that all such buildings built in such a manner would withstand a major earth tremor .(Dynamic force versus Inclination threshold to weight ratio- minus gravity.)

    Is this something classed as being something New and "Condfidential"-

    Or ..? Do you mean "confidential" such as- The Sun releases approximately 1 watt of power per every one square meter of searth surface area- A flower (Plant) is designed by nature and is of a "Perfect design"- made of a perfect world, (Theory of Perfect design) highly developed to absorb the power of the Sun. Introducing "BUD" technology- a device copied of nature the size and shape of a small "Sunflower"- able to collect and produce just under 1 watt of electricity from the Sun- with a life span of each unit of 7.7 years costing under 30 dollars per unit to make-Producing 30 watts per square meter of area- engineered unlike any currently applied Solar cell-

    If that's what you meant- Sorry can't give you the working spec's - it's "Confidential".

    But I can say this - in a few months- In the middle of summer, I not longer need to pay expensive high amounts of electricty for the use of the costly air conditioner 10 hours per day.

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    The Red Shift is actually due to the Compton Effect. This is because space is not a vacuum , but is full of "Dark Matter".

    Therefore, the Big Bang supposition is in error. Please don't tell anyone; it's confidential.

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    Isn't that why they call it "confidential"? Try not to sleep thru your ethics class, the engineering community actually takes confidentiality pretty seriously.

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    Fuel cell technology is already mature enough to be commercialized, but because of the government's links to big oil, they are deliberately slowing down the process.

    But shhhh.

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