How do I download video from my Panasonic camcorder model PV-GS250?

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I first tried to download the video to a Mac but that prove impossible. Now I am trying to download to a Windows XP system. This is what I have done so far. I installed all the more
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Video Editing Process*

*CAPTURE the video stream from vcam or Import from pc folder, EDIT to make the movie as a project, FINISH (render) movie as a video file, and finally SAVE or burn to CD/DVD.

for starters, XP/Windows Movie Maker** (wmm) would provide the simple & easy way (& free) to learn the technique, where SpiceFx by Pixelan could provide enhanced effects. **click detailed WMMaker help.
After learning the editing tricks, you may later venture into other video editing programs - Premiere, Vegas, Pinnacle, Ulead, etc.

a.) Connect vcam to computer via firewire cable (4 or 6 pin) for good transfer (USB can do but may drop frames),
b.) Set the vcam mode to play recorded video on tape & pause
c.) Open wmm in computer and set to TASK PANE
d.) In the wmm/Task pane/CAPTURE VIDEO, click CAPTURE from video device. Wmm should now be able to control vcam operations. The video files from vcam can then be copied to wmm collection (usually there are several video files from vcam although you will not notice on vcam playback)
e.) Import other desired video files, pictures, music, narration from pc folder to wmm collection
f.) wmm/ EDIT: drag & drop captured video files one by one from collection to TIMELINE chart below at the desired sequence
g.) Enhance/edit your video further if you wish: add other video files, pictures, background music/ narration, subtitles, effects, transition, etc., then, test to your liking (re-edit as you wish)
FINISH MOVIE (w/rendering)
h.) Save the video file to pc or burn to cd
i.) Save the project file (work-in-progress) for succeeding edits

Hope this helps…
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  • MikeTwo answered 7 years ago
    Do not use the USB cable, hopefully it has a MINI firewire port since it is a Mini DV camcorder.

    Then ANY video editing software (Mac or PC) that supports firewire will be able to get the video off of the camcorder.
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