What is the best car interior shine (for dashboard, door panels, seat backs)?

Is there a product that you have used to clean and shine your car interior that you like? It would be good if there was one that I could wipe on the gear shifter, steering wheel, everywhere.

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    Meguiars good clean shine with out looking tacky and cheap......lasts a good amount of time too!!!!

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    This question has been under debate among car enthusiasts for years. One thing that is known is Armor All WILL damage your interior over time. This standard Armor All product is only effective on interiors that are already worn out, sun damaged, etc...basically when you have nothing to loose.

    With that said you want to use a cleaning product with very little shine base to avoid damage to the vinyl/rubber surfaces of the interior. I prefer Meguiars Gold Glass Vinyl/Rubber protectant at around $5.00 a bottle. It provides a very nice medium shine that won't make your panels, steering wheel, etc feel like they've been doused in butter. In addition it actually provides some protection.

    This is not to say there are not other brands that offer the same performance. Stick with a cleaning agent with a bit of shine additive and you'll be fine.

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): After Hours Automotive - (User Owned Restoration Shop)
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    Best Product For Car Interior

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    Wipe the interior down with water first to remove dust dirt and lint. Let it dry and wipe on a film of Armor-all. Don't use this on a leather steering wheel cover however. It'll eventually dry out the naturea moisture ansd oil which will lead to surface discoloration, cracking and pealing.

    Source(s): Alignment, suspension and brake shop.
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    what to use on door panels to make shine

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    Armorall! It works great!

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    Armor All

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