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Will i lose a stone(14lbs) on the slim-fast diet and how long will it take to lose it??


Im depressed about my fatty bits and am despret to lose weight!!

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    slim fast, as any diet, will work if you stick to it and dont cheat, i did it after my last child and lost 2 st. it can get bit boring tho. its helpful cos you seem to feel full after the shakes or soup, and not having to worry about eating means you dont eat too much. an example of slimfast diet is shake for breakfast, fruit mid morning, soup for lunch, fruit mid afternoon then healthy balanced meal about 600 cals for dinner. having said it can be bit boring theres far more choice now than there was when i did it. and i found the weight stayed off but thats a case of self control when u get back to eating if u start eating too much u will just put weight on again.

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    Okay, you are unlikely to lose a stone, for the simple reason you are unlikely to stick to it, it is boring, tasteless and not enough to satisfy your hunger. If you want to lose a stone, which is not a lot, you should be aiming for a healthy weight loss of between 1 -2lbs a week, so it should take you a little under two months, possibly quicker, anything more than this and you are losing weight too quickly and will likely put it straight back on. I lost a stone last year, in about six weeks by following the Paul McKenna : I can make you thin plan.

    It is not a diet. You can eat what you want, when you want, as long as you follow his simple rules, which he came up with after studying the way thin people eat and related to food as opposed to fat people. It would be well worth getting the book or dvd of this, but I think there is a website of the same name. The main things to stick to are:

    Eat when you are hungry.

    Eat what you want.

    Chew each mouthful well and really be conscious of what you are eating, really taste the food.

    Put your knife and fork down between each mouthful.

    Stop when you are full.

    If you finish and are still hungry, have a glass of water, wait ten minutes, and if you are still hungry, eat something else.

    Do not drink alcohol or fizzy drinks (even diet ones) with your meals for the first three weeks.

    It is a lot more complex than that, in that he explains why each ot these steps work and how the brain and stomach work together. He also gives tips on how to train yourself out of eating problem foods, weather it is chocolate, cakes, chips or fizzy drinks. Once you have got all this information, you will find that you change your eating habbits for life. My stone has stayed off and I really enjoy my food far more now than I did. He also helps you with self esteem and body image issues, which is great as a confident woman is a sexy woman, whatever her size. I can honestly eat whatever I want to now and never put a pound on. Everyone I know who has followed his methods, has lost the weight they wanted to, kept it off and eats whatever they want, when they want to, you will really enjoy your food again and none of that guilt when you eat something diets say you cannot have. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Good luck, you will lose that weight no problem.

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    I tried the diet against everyone on here's advice. I started it on the Monday and by the Friday I was clutching my stomuch in agony. It gave me wind, constipation at first and a slight diarhea which left me hunfry which left me with an empty stomuch which left me winded. It was a vicious circle and boy was I HUNGRY!! Its terrible. If you want to loose any weight I would say just eat healthy and exercise. Its more about a way of life then anything else. If you can eat healthily, only when hungry and smaller portions and exercise regularly then you will not only loose the weight but your health itself will be in top condition. If you do the slim fast its not the best thing medically for you. Please do not faff about on this, just be healthy honey. Its slow I know but it works. I should know I used to be a size 24-26. Now I am a 14. It took two years but I just ate healthier and exercised.

    Whatever you decide though honey, just be careful and look after yourself.

    Source(s): Life experience!!
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    If you stick to the diet, I suppose you will lose your love-handles, but I wouldn't be concerned about the time it will take. Too many people want a quick fix, when the best policy is to take as much time as it takes.

    After all, you don't want to be left with folds of loose skin round your midriff, do you? Half-a-stone a month is as fast as you should aim for.

    Better than a faddy diet would be to be careful about what you're eating AND drinking. Alcohol and soft drinks are anathema to healthy living, as are fries, breads, cakes, chocolate, etc. Everything in moderation, but some things have to be moderated more than others.

    You should see an improvement in your complexion too!

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    Frankie I have found that the slim fast diet does not work well it tends to have more sugars then it should and taste kind of bad. I lost 65 lbs or 4.5 stones with this diet that I am still doing to maintain and I have kept it off for over a year, and not only did I lose the weight but it helped to reshape my body also. contact me if you want to know more

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    by doing the slim fast diet you will lose the weight but when you return to normal food you will put it all back on if not more.Regular exercise and a balanced diet will keep the weight off you.

    Source(s): done every diet there is and still over weight
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    Go for protein instead of sugar to keep energy levels going strong rather than crashing. Edamame in pods will be the perfect snack since it takes a long time to eat and a one-cup portion offers 12 grams of healthy proteins.

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    Yes, you can do it as long as you stick rigidly to the plan. The only thing is you will put it back on again once you stop using slimfast. I lost a stone on it to go on holiday some years ago, but by the time I got back it was all back on!!

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    You can loose weight if you want to. don,t be depressed do something about it cut out sugar, replace it with honey. drink mineral water. if you get a sweet rage a spoonful of honey.

    Why not try fruit flavoured drinks teas with no added milk there nice warm or cold.

    Source(s): need a regular smooth exercise like daily routine as part of your life. .
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