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fantasy team?

how is my team? what can i do to improve it?

qb brees

wr marques colston

wr chad johnson

wr vincient jackson

rb travis henry

rb deuce mcallister

te heath miller

bn laveraneus coles

bn ben roethisberger

bn lendale white

bn marcus pollard

bn vernand morency

k jason elam

bn jay feeley

def san diego

bn cincinnati

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    You have a lot invested in the Saints, which is fine, but you definitely will have some issues come bye weeks, especially not having a bench RB that's starting.

    White will most likely start at some point during the season, but for now it's a running back by committee situation in Nashville.

    I'd start Lav Coles over Vincent Jackson as well. Coles is a centerpiece of the Jets offense, whereas Jackson is the third option for passes behind LT and Gates.

    Based on your having a bunch of players from the same team, there's a discussion at below about whether it's good to have a QB and WR from the same team:

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    Really depends on how many teams are in the league.....

    But, Henry will have a big year. He has been solid with nothing around him, now he actually has some support. I don't love Deuce. It could be a bit risky, especially if Bush starts to take off.

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    you are hurting at RB; Henry should be great, but you can't count on Shanny to do the right thing with him. At the very least, try to get Bell and Sapp to protect him (drop the extra Defense and Kicker - waste of space).

    Deuce's role will get smaller as the year goes on, though he'll still get goal line chances. I don't see anyone else that can run the ball.

    You may want to try some other TEN RB's (Brown, Henry) if available. You will have to move a WR for a RB at some point - do it now, on your terms, before you get screwed on a bye week.

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    nothing but ur relying heavily on the Saints, which i guess aint too bad.

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