I want to be a kindergarden teacher in the state of maryland.....?

what classes do I need to take to fulfill this dream? I dont have a lot of money for college, so I only want to take classes that are neccessary. What classes do you think I need to take? Are there any programs out there that will give you experience minus going to school?

Just looking for any ideas......

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    I teach in Maryland. In order to teach Kindergarten in MD you need to have a Bachelor's Degree AND be certified in Early Childhood Education. You do not need to major in education, but during your coursework for your undergraduate degree you must take certain classes required by the state and complete a set number of observation and student teaching hours. However, there are tons of these classes and hundreds of observation/ST hours, but they are all covered in an education program, so it is in your best interest to just go ahead and major in education. You will also be required to take the Praxis I and Praxis II (Early Childhood) exams and recieve passing scores. MD also requires you to get your Masters Degree within 10 years.

    There are some "in need" areas that will hire you without your certification, but you must already have a 4 year degree. They hire you on a provisional status and you must be working towards your certification. They will help to pay for some of your classes.

    There are lots of institutions in MD with less expensive tuitions. You can always apply for scholarships, grants, and loans. Going part time is also an option.

    Check out www.marylandpublicschools.org

    click on the certification link and it will give you lots of info on what you need to teach in the state.

    Source(s): I teach in Maryland and have taught Kindergarten in the past
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    I'm not in Maryland, but I have kids, and I have never heard of any state where you can teach anything K -12 without at least a bachelor's degree - for kindergarten, most of them have a bachelor's in early childhood education or elementary education, as a minimum.

    You can be a teacher's assistant without a degree, but it still usually requires a certification of some sort, and each state probably has it own certification system. Your best bet is to contact the department of education for Maryland and ask them directly what would be required.

    You say you don't have a lot of money for college, but have you checked into financial aid at all? Besides loans, there are grants and scholarships available too, it won't hurt to see if you qualify for any of them. Check with the schools nearest to you.

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    You will undoubtedly need a college degree. But maybe you can take some courses and get a degree online from an accredited college and then do your student teaching requirements. It may be less expensive to get a degree online.

    There are also many state colleges where the tuition is much, much less expensive.

    In any case, you should call the Department of Education in Maryland. They will be able to tell you everything you need to know.

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    Why Maryland?

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