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What do you think of the Alberto Gonzales resignation?

It looks like President Bush is losing his top advisers, first Rumsfeld, then Karl Rove and now Alberto Gonzales. I don't know whether getting rid of Gonzales is a political move, aimed at getting Democrats to give him more time in Iraq, or whether it is a sign that the Bush Administration is starting to lose power.

But in either case it is great news.

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    I think you are right on both comments.

    99% of things, that happens in Washington, are political.

    And, as for the (so called) resignation of Gonzalez,....If he resigned, I think that it was at the request of mr bush or else he couldn't stand the heat.

    If he resigned, I strongly believe that it was at mr bush's request.

    Also, in Washington, resignation is another way of saying "YOU'RE FIRED", you're a liability...resign or be fired.

    Politics is a dirty game.

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    Actually it's sad news. The fact that Gonzales accepted the job of AG and then turned it into a political engine in favor of the Bush Junta instead of being impartial, non-political and a defender of the Constitution resulted in his resignation. If he were a Klingon I'd have to say, '...He has no honor'. What was this man thinking? The only good that will come out of this resignation is that the next administration and many administrations to come will know that they're being watched. No more Albertos!

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    Another democrat bites the dust.

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    It is great news. But it's bittersweet because the damage has been done.

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    Going, going, Gonzo. Who 's next.

    What a wonderful world.

  • Anonymous
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    He just needed time to spend with his family.

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