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is dying your hair really that bad for it?

Ive heard different things about dying your hair. Im wondering how damaging it really is to your hair. Does it make it fall out, are there any long term effects, etc?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Whether you want to want to get rid of that gray hair or you just want to have a new look, dying is a good way to achieve it. Unfortunately, hair dying entails consequences that may damage and dry your hair when used inappropriately. The selected color of your dye should blend with the original color of your hair and eyebrows and to enhance your features. Experimenting is good, but dyes can be rough on your hair when used frequently. Although it is best to dye at a professional salon or stylist, it is much cheaper at home with the same creative effect. Before you see the top 10 hair dying mistakes, it is important to have an understanding of the different types of hair dye that are available so you can put them in context.

    Types of Hair Dye

    1. Permanent hair dye

    While dying your hair permanantly is, by some, considered in and of itself a mistake, the obvious benefit is that it lasts for a considerable time. As the hair grows, it is applied to the roots. It contains ammonia and peroxides, which can possibly cause dryness and damage. Exposure to the sun and salt water will cause the color to fade. That’s why in order to maintain the color, it is best to cover your hair by using a hat or bandanna when going outside.

    2. Long-lasting Semi-permanent

    As the name implies, has the longest life remaining even after more than 20 washes, depending on the brand.

    3. Semi-permanent

    These have the shortest lifespan for dyes. After 6-12 washes, the color will start to fade. This is recommended for first-time users and those who want to experiment with colors.

    How to dye your hair safely and professionally:

    - Separate hair into two quadrants. Then clip each part.

    - Wear plastic gloves while mixing dye solution. Follow the directions written on the box.

    - Squeeze a small amount of coloring into one quadrant. Streak thin stripes of color over the whole area of the quadrant. Put a clip on the colored part.

    - Repeat the process after you have completed coloring the four quadrants.

    - Consult instructions on how long you should leave it. Add a couple of minutes of wait to that of the suggested treatment time.

    - Put on left over color mix to the entire head after a few minutes.

    - Rinse with cold water.

    Top 10 hair dying mistakes!

    - Number 10: Applying dye to dirty, tangled hair

    Deep condition your hair a month before dying to maintain color. Be sure your hair is relatively clean before applying. Trim hair especially dry and split ends to even out color. Hair should be slightly damp when dye is applied.

    - Number 9: Using hair conditioner before you dye

    Do not condition your hair a few hours before applying hair dye, shampooing will do the trick. Your hair needs to be free of free radicals such as dirt and oil as much as possible.

    - Number 8: Choosing hair dye based on what the model on the box looks like

    Consult the local salon or stylist on what colors would look best on you. The hair dye you choose should have the same tone as your skin color.

    - Number 7: Forgetting to check for allergic contents

    After choosing a brand, apply a tiny amount of hair dye near your neck or behind your ear to see if irritation, redness, inflammation, allergy, hair loss or any bad reactions occur. Wash the affected area right away if this happens. Remember the instructions carefully. Do the patch test 1-2 days before hair dye application.

    - Number 6: Doing your entire head without testing a small amount of your hair first

    Do a strand test by applying a bit of dye to a few stands of your hair to see if you got the right color.

    - Number 5: Staining your skin or clothes

    Protect your skin by wrapping a towel around your neck as the dye can irritate your skin or affect your clothes. Gloves should be used and must be included in a hair dye kit. Applying petroleum jelly or cream around your ears and neck part will keep off stains. Wipe off oil after shampooing. If you do happen to stain your skin, don't worry, rubbing alcohol will remove dye stains from your skin

    - Number 4: Picking a color that does not fit with your natural hair color

    Pick a color one shade lighter when dying your roots. This will make the transition from your colored hair back to your natural hair color graceful without roots that are a completely different color sticking out. Obviously, this rule does not apply if you are dying your hair a completely different color than your natural hair color.

    - Number 3: Losing hair

    After dying, always rinse with cold or tepid water to avoid your own hair from falling out.

    - Number 2: Over-dying hair

    If you did not achieve the desired effect, using Liquid Tide can correct this. A couple of days of use will lighten the color until your hair returns to the original color. Instead of over-dying, do touch-ups every four to five weeks to keep your hair color picture perfect.

    - Number 1: Dying eyebrows and eyelashes

    Never use hair dye on eyebrows and eyelashes! Ask for medical help when dye gets into your eye.

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  • kolker
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Is Dying Your Hair Bad

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes and no.

    It really depends on how sensible you are. And if you are aware of the effects.

    Dying your hair the same colour isn't damaging (unless there are bleach products/chemicals in it).

    Bleaching your hair so many times, does affect your hair badly. I bleached my hair well over 12 times, and my hair had to be cut off.

    It doesn't "fall out," its just really breakable as its damaged to the max.

    Just be very careful when bleaching your hair. I've had the bad experience and i don't want it to happen to others. Its not pretty.

    Make sure you deep condition your hair.

    Good luck

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  • d
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    1 decade ago

    Hair dying does put the hair structure through some stress. Degrees of damage are made worse by the amount or type of chemical services you put your hair through.

    All colors have a percentage of hydrogen peroxide (developer).

    A semi-permenant hair color is kindest on your hair because it contains the least amount. Permenant is slightly worse, whilst bleach is most harmful.

    Whilst dying your hair can enhance it, it's best not to do too much or more than needed.

    Most people who've colored their hair will notice the poorer condition it's left in. Yes, prolonged coloring can also cause it to thin out. Multiple chemical services is most damaging to the hair, and will leave it dull, dry/brittle, porous and more difficult to care for.

    Most people don't realise that you can dye your hair a great color, but unless the hair's healthy and in good condition, it won't look nice.

    Source(s): hairdressing apprentice
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  • 1 decade ago

    If you continuously use permanent dyes you can get a buildup of colour, which is not good. If you bleach it a lot, it can go straw-like as well. If you use semi-permanent colurs, this does not happen :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, it is verybad. because of the oxygen added to it, it might cause hair to fall or suffer from weakness which leads to the split of the hair.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it depends wat kind of dye u use. if it's that cheap stuff type, it'll damage your hair almost instantly..

    sometimes.. it depends on that person's hair actually.. whether their hair r sensitive to such stuff or not. i've got a fren who dyed her hair, it turns out fine.. but then another fren of mine.. well.. let's say... it didnt turn out very well for her.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the chemicals in it make ur hair thin, frizzy etc.

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