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順便請問~"Da Ban"是啥阿~"~

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    Dear Ms. XXX (老師的姓):

    Welcome back to Taiwan! Jason and I are hoping that you would teach again. (如果是這老師之前已經退休或離開 你希望他回來交的話 用這一句) Jason and I are very excited about your return (這句是說 我門對於您回來都非常興奮 也就是如果老師當初只是暫時休假 然後要回來繼續教的話 就用這一句).

    When you were away, Jason had a good experience with the substitute teacher as well (and learned quite a bit). (這句是說JASON和代課老師整個相處的經驗很棒 然後 我加了一句: 也從他那學了不少)

    We are about to start with a new lesson. Hopefully, Jason will improve his English conversation skills further. (我們將要開始新的單元 希望JASON會近一步地在英語會話方面有進步)


    Jason and XXX (你的名字)

    Source(s): 我住加拿大十五年 也修了快要三個學歷 這樣寫絕對沒錯!
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    Welcome teacher you come back to Taiwan.


    Both Jason and I are expect that you will come back to here to teach us again.


    When you were absent, Jason and substitute teacher had a great interaction.


    The new lesson is about to start, I hope that Jason can learn more English dialogue in the future.

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    Da Ban= 大班

    Source(s): myself
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    welcome to Taiwan. I and Jason hope you to teach again. during you are absent, Jason gets along with substitute teacher well. the new stage has begun , I sincerely hope Jason can learn more English conversation in the very future.*****

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    Welcome back to Taiwan, dear teacher! Jason and I are anxiously waiting for your return to your teaching position. During the period of your absent, Jason interacted with the substitute teacher very well too. The new curriculum unit is about to begin. We hope that Jason will have even more opportunity to practice English conversation.

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    to practice English conversation


    to improve his English conversation skill.

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    Welcome back, teacher (Mr. _ or Ms. _ ) Jason and I are looking forward to seeing you. We missed you very much during your absence. Jason and his substitute teacher got along well. We would like to work on the next chapter with you and talking in English again.

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    Welcome back to Taiwan again. Jason and me are looking forward to your return tutoring. During your absence, Jason has interacted well with substitute teachers. With new units of lessons to start, I hope Jason can learn more English conversation.

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