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? asked in 娛樂與音樂明星與名人 · 1 decade ago


邦喬飛-I Dont Want to Miss a Thing.

洛史都華+西城男孩-To Be With You



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    Hold on, little girl 堅持下去,小女孩

    Show me what he's done to you 告訴我,他對你做了什麼

    Stand up, little girl 站起來,小女孩

    A broken heart can't be that bad 就算心碎也不該這麼狼狽

    When it's through, it's through 當事情過去,就讓它過去

    Fate will twist the both of you 命運將扭轉你們倆

    So come on, baby. Come on over 寶貝過來

    Let me be the one to show you 讓我告訴你

    I'm the one who wants to be with you 我就是那個想與你為伴的人

    Deep inside I hope you feel it too 衷心期盼你也能感受到

    Waited on a line of greens and blues 我已等候許久

    Just to be the next to be with you 只想成為下一個與你為伴的人

    Build up your confidence 建立你的自信心

    So you can be on top for once 只有這次你才能攀上巔峰

    Wake up whom cares about 叫醒那些關心的人

    Little boys that talk too much 小男孩們順口開河

    I see it all go down 我看著它平息下來

    Your game of love was all rained out 你的愛情遊戲已經結束了

    So come on, baby. Come on over 過來,寶貝!過來一點

    Let me be the one to hold you 讓我成為擁抱你的人

    Why be alone when we can be together, baby 如果可以在一起,又何必獨處

    You can make my life worthwhile 你可以讓我的生命更有意義

    And I can make you start to smile 我可以使你展露歡顏

    Source(s): 你要的I Dont Want to Miss a Thing是Aerosmith唱還是bon jovi?是世界末日主題曲嗎?
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    Bon Jovi沒有唱過I Dont Want to Miss a Thing


    我也下載過 結果是Aerosmith的聲音

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