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Information about "Connection to the Server Impossible"!

This problem may occur in the following cases:

- The server managing the connections to the games is being updated

In this case, please wait a couple of minutes and try again. If you want to check whether the problem is due to server maintenance, go to the Winner's page. If the time of the last winner is a couple of minutes old, this probably means that the server is being updated.

- You are connected to internet through a network (company, university…)

In this case, the network administrator has set up blocking filters that disable the access to certain ports on you computer. Those ports need to be enabled for the games to run properly.

- A firewall has been installed on your computer

It is necessary to configure the firewall for it to accept the use of the corresponding port for each game.

- You are using a proxy or a router to connect to internet

You will need to configure your proxy or router so that it the corresponding port can be opened for each game.

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    - 伺服器處理與比賽的連接被更新在這種情況下, 請等待兩三分鐘和再嘗試。如果您想要證實是否問題歸結於伺服器維護, 去優勝者的頁。如果最後優勝者的時期是兩三分鐘年紀, 大概這手段, 伺服器是更新。

    - 您被聯絡到網際網路通過網路(公司, 大學...) 在這種情況下, 網路管理員設定了阻攔使對某些口岸的通入失去能力在您電腦的過濾器。那些口岸需要使能使比賽適當地跑。

    - 防火牆被安裝了在它是必要配置防火牆使它接受對對應的口岸的用途為各場遊戲的您的電腦。

    - 您使用一個代理人或一臺路由器連接到您將需要配置您的代理人或路由器的網際網路以便它對應的口岸可能被打開為各場遊戲。


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