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Question about Diabetes?

Hello everyone thank you for taking your time and helping me out on my question. My question is I am 16 years old I weigh 252lbs 5'10 I know that I am overweight I have been making alot of changes and am on my way to losing alot of weight. I was wondering how do you really know you have diabetes unless you get checked via blood work etc. Basically I could have diabetes right now and not even know it? So what would evenutally happen if I do nothing about it because I dont know I have it? Will I like die tommorrow or get very very sick and go to the hospital and they will tell me I have diabetes. Nobody on my mothers or fathers side has had diabetes or any medical problems at what are the chances of me having it? I am often thirsty, dry mouth, tired...etc.

Thank you very very much in reading and helping.

Take care everyone.

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    Becoming (type 2) diabetic is a slow process often with no remarkable symptoms. No, you're not going to die tomorrow or get sick. If you change your lifestyle right now and pretend you are diabetic, you'll find yourself feeling much better in a few weeks. It's all about exercise, diet, and weight management. Getting your blood sugar checked is easy. Just do it. Here's lot's of helpful info:

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    Your symptoms and your weight do point to a very strong possibility of diabetes. There is no way to tell 100% for sure without blood work. Besides, you can't do anything about it without seeing a doctor anyway. Losing weight is no guarantee that it may go away, either. In this situation, it is most likely Type 2 diabetes, which really does not need a family history if diet and weight are "right" for it to occur.

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    if you get up during the night to pee, or if you have an urgent need to pee during the day, and if your urine smells sweet (sugary) then its fairly urgent to get a glucose test. Its an easy blood test that your doctor can organise.

    The get very sick and wind up in hospital is likely. Stokes are possible.

    If you have a school nurse she may be able to do some finger sticks with a glocose meter and see what your readings are. A normal person will stay around 100. A diabetic may be much higher or lower.

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    Well the thirst and dry mouth are sometimes symptoms for diabetes, but . it's summer , and if you not getting enough water, then it's also the symptoms of dehydration, I would suggest that you go , have a simple blood test and find out, but even if you don't have it, your plan to lose weight is still a good one for there are many thing that are more prevelent in people that are over weight. High blood pressure , heart disease, high cholesterol. Be safe, not sorry, take care of you.

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    well its funny but i am not sure why you are thirsty but it could be cause you are dry. i mean sometimes that can happen. i am suer you dont think tons of water at nite and have to pee every hour right? if you suspect you are diabetic then go get blood test and find out. its very simple. maybe your further up relatives you don't know have it or maybe none hav eit and you do or maybe you don't there are so many ifs. if you are diabetic and dont' know it well like me i got very sick actually was sick to stomach, fever, chills, dizzy and all sorts of things and they took blood presto. you can go into coma and die but that is very seldom they tnerally now can help before that happens.

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    I wold encourage you to go get checked by your regular doctor. You can have high blood pressure, diab. and heart problems without any signs or symtoms. So it's always best to be on the safe side. Being over weight increases your chances for these problems. Being thirsty coulbe be signs of several different things. So dont try and self diag. Leave that up to your doc.

    Good luck


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    Even if you had no symptoms you can just go to the doc and check. :) Just tell the doc that you are concerned and would like a diabetes screening. You may have to fast and come back, but you will know for sure. Diabetes is nothing to mess with. When you go for your yearly check up (yes, even adults are supposed to get check ups yearly) you should ask him to check then also. :) Good luck and stay healthy! :)

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    Let's get rid of this question once and for all. For a definitive answer-------GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!! Non of us can diagnose here, we can't draw virtual blood and do a test. Only a real, physically present physician can do this. Why worry when it can be answered very easily and quickly. Just go and quit trying to find answers that you want to hear.

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    Get a blood/sugar test before and after eating. It only takes a few minutes and is very easy.

    Diabetes can lead to big health problems.

    To help with the weight, don't eat before bed.

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