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Air Canada?

Does Air Canada Have good Service? and is there First Class Good?Thanks!

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    When I was able to afford Air Canada...I very much enjoyed the service I received on board - very polite and accomodating cabin crew. As well comfort in Economy is better than on many American airlines and food is edible. Air Canada operates a 2 class system - Economy and Business (called Executive First on international flights, and simply Executive class on domestic). However, the Business class has most of the amenities offered in first class cabins on other airlines, including fully reclinable lie flat seats and individual video screens with multimedia program, and complimentary amenity kits.

    Administration and pricing is where Air Canada gets a big thumbs down...but never mind that.

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    I have flown Air Canada direct to Barbados from Toronto, but I was not in First Class so I wouldn't know about that. But I can say, I was satisified. There was meals on way to Barbados and back, even when the flights were 5-6 hours.

    So I'd say, yes, Air Canada does have good service. So I'm a satisified traveller.

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    I fly Air Canada quite often, and have found the service to be very good contrary to a lot of negative opinion, although everyone doesn't necessarily have identical experiences on different flights. And I did get to fly first class one time, and it was amazing. The flight attendant in that section couldn't have been more accommodating.

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    I flew Air Canada from Australia to Toronto last year and I had no issues with them. I was in economy so not sure what First Class is like, but I would fly with them again.

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