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Who were the last 25 All Black Captains?

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    This is the best I can source lists the men who captained the All Blacks in each year from 1884. However, it lists the captains of all matches, not just tests. I suspect you are looking for test match captains only...sorry.

    Starting with 2007:

    Rueben Thorne

    Richie McCaw

    Jerry Collins

    Tana Umaga

    Aaron Mauger

    Taine Randell

    Tom Willis

    Anton Oliver

    Todd Blackadder

    Justin Marshall

    Sean Fitzpatrick

    Richard Lowe

    Paul Henderson

    Frank Bunce

    Zinzan Brooke

    John Mitchell

    Steve McDowell

    Ian Jones

    Mike Brewer

    Gary Whetton

    Joe Stanley

    Grant Fox

    Wayne Shelford

    Albert Anderson

    David Kirk

    Since no one else is answering your question, here is the full list of All Black captains (all matches) in order of the first game that they captained. There are 125.

    W. V. Millton

    A. Bayly

    D. R. Gage

    J. Duncan

    J. W. Stead

    D. Gallaher

    J. Hunter

    J. C. Spencer

    F. Roberts

    H. J. Mynott

    A. McDonald

    F. E. Mitchinson

    M. J. O'Leary

    R. W. Roberts

    J. Ryan

    B. Algar

    J. T. Tilyard

    G. G. Aitken

    E. J. Roberts

    E. A. Belliss

    J. Steel

    H. E. Nicholls

    J. Richardson

    C. E. O. Badeley

    M. F. Nicholls

    C. G. Porter

    A. White

    M. J. Brownlie

    M. F. Nicholls

    W. C. Dalley

    L. S. Hook

    H. T. Lilburne

    W. A. Strang

    F. D. Kilby

    E. R. G. Steere

    J. R. Page

    M. M. N. Corner

    J. E. Manchester

    C. J. Oliver

    J. L. Griffiths

    R. R. King

    R. M. McKenzie

    N. A. Mitchell

    F. R. Allen

    F. G. Hobbs

    R. M. White

    R. A. Dalton

    R. R. Elvidge

    J. C. Kearney

    J. B. Smith

    P. Johnstone

    L. A. Grant

    J. M. Tanner

    K. L. Skinner

    L. S. Haig

    W. A. McCaw

    R. C. Stuart

    I. J. Clarke

    R. H. Duff

    P. B. Vincent

    W. R. Archer

    S. F. Hill

    A. R. Reid

    W. J. Whineray

    S. G. Bremner

    D. J. Graham

    I. N. MacEwan

    D. M. Connor

    K. C. Briscoe

    C. E. Meads

    B. J. Lochore

    I. R. MacRae

    C. R. Laidlaw

    K. R. Tremain

    B. J. Lochore

    I. A. Kirkpatrick

    S. M. Going

    A. J. Wyllie

    G. M. Crossman

    A. R. Leslie

    G. N. K. Mourie

    R. W. Norton

    I. N. Stevens

    A. R. Sutherland

    B. J. Robertson

    R. L. Stuart

    F. J. Oliver

    L. M. Rutledge

    A. M. Haden

    D. S. Loveridge

    G. N. K. Mourie

    M. W. Donaldson

    A. M. Haden

    G. Higginson

    B. R. Johnstone

    A. G. Dalton

    S. S. Wilson

    M. J. B. Hobbs

    M. G. Mexted

    D. E. Kirk

    M. W. Shaw

    W. T. Shelford

    A. Anderson

    G. W. Whetton

    M. R. Brewer

    J. T. Stanley

    G. J. Fox

    Z. V. Brooke

    S. B. T. Fitzpatrick

    I. D. Jones

    R. W. Loe

    S. C. McDowell

    J. E. P. Mitchell

    F. E. Bunce

    P. W. Henderson

    T. C. Randell

    T. J. Blackadder

    J. W. Marshall

    A. D. Oliver

    T. E. Willis

    R. D. Thorne

    A. J. D. Mauger

    R. H. McCaw

    J. F. Umaga

    J. Collins

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    You missed Jonah Lomu, but thanks for the list. Now we have Kieran Read, too.

    I am interested on the proportion born in fluoridated areas

    All Black Captain--Place of birth--Year of birth--Fluoridated then?--Fluoridation begun

    Kieran Read Drury 1985 n

    Richie McCaw Oamaru 1980 n

    Jerry Collins Samoa 1980 n

    Aaron Mauger Chch 1980 n (? Unless from Waimairi which was possibly 1/4 Chch)

    Tom Willis Dunedin 1979 f ? but not if Taieri

    Rueben Thorne Chch 1975 n (? Unless from Waimairi which was possibly 1/4 Chch)

    Anton Oliver invercargill 1975 f 1963

    Jonah Lomu Pukekohe 1975 n 1979

    Taine Randell Hastings 1974 f 1953

    Tana Umaga Lower Hutt 1973 (n if from Petone where he played?)

    Justin Marshall Mataura 1973 n

    Todd Blackadder Rangiora 1971 n

    Ian Jones Whangarei 1967 n

    Zinzan Brooke Waiuku 1965 n

    Paul Henderson Bluff 1964 f 1963-80s

    John Mitchell hawera 1964 n

    Mike Brewer Pukekohe 1964 n

    Sean Fitzpatrick Auck 1963 n

    Frank Bunce Auck 1962 n

    Grant Fox New Plymouth 1962 n

    Steve McDowell Rotorua 1961 n

    Albert Anderson Christchurch 1961 n

    Richard Loe Chch 1960 n

    David Kirk Wellington 1960 n 1965

    Gary Whetton Auck 1959 n 1966

    Joe Stanley Auck 1957 n

    Wayne Shelford Rotorua 1957 n

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    All Black Captains

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    I was actually a little surprised to read this. I know Ponting isn't widely liked throughout the world, partly because he can have a bit of childish personality and partly because when interviewed he will say what he thinks rather than try and be diplomatic. We all know Australians play their cricket hard and probably always will, but since Ponting has been captain there have been ongoing efforts by CA to eliminate sledging and improve on field behaviour and I thought this was showing results. I'm surprised that Ponting's record is worse than Waugh's as Waugh (you just dropped the world cup hershelle) was the ultimate competitor who never gave an inch and I can recall a lot more instances under his captaincy than under Ponting's. Remember the incidence with Curtly Ambrose. Personally I think a lot of these incidents, such as the Benn/Johnson/Haddin incident are blown out of all proportion. It is test cricket after all, and how can that be Ponting's fault anyway when he was in the changeroom. Ponting will be remembered in many ways, as a great batsmen and the Captain who lost the ashes twice in England. I don't think this report will have any affect on his legacy whatsoever.

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    Who were the last 25 All Black Captains?

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    New Zealand Rugby Captains

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    I doubt if anyone is making false reports about Ponting and one can easily guess why such reports are not made of other Aussies like Steve Waugh who encouraged mental disintegration tactics for the opponent or Border or Taylor. After Waugh, the test captaincy of australia was handed over to Ricky Ponting. UK Telegraph also has the same opinion about Ricky Ponting - i am not surprised. People are not fools nor blind. Ricky is not only a batsman but he is a cricket player and a team captain. He seems to have created an impression among his team mates like Jonson or Haddin or Clarke or Watson or Katich that any of them can get on with whatever rule they break-just plead guilty and pay a mere fine and u are free to break whatever rule u want to break. Who was the previous worst behaved player from Australia- say 20 years before? Was it Dennis Lillee, the man who used aluminium bats, verbally abused Gavaskar in Melbourne test of 1981 and came in the running way of Javed Miandad and also tried to kick him? But Lillee surely inspired Ricky to use illegal bats and Katich to come in the running way of batsman Gautam Gambhir in Delhi test of 2008. Ricky in the past had an addiction to alcohol. He was thrown out of the bar with a black eye. He had misbehaved with women in an Indian nightclub Equinox at Kolkatta. Was Harbhajan thrown out of any beer bar in India or Australia? Did Harbhajan misbehave with a women in Australian nightclub? Harbhajan has kept his cool inspite of Aussie crowd taunting him while fielding at the boundary fence in Aussie grounds. Harbhajan has been quite decent inspite of Hayden, Symonds and Ricky trying to get rid of him using dirty and false allegations. Instead Harbhajan chose to get out Ricky 10 times in test cricket. Ricky is the one who initiated the clash with Bhajji and when Bhajji gets Ricky out, it is Bhajji who will end it in the way he wants- Ricky has no choice to get back what he gave to Bhajji-the finger. If u look at today's Sresaanth, he appears to have calmed down and become more mature than before after Harbhajan slapped him. Actually Ricky should have slapped Haddin, Katich and Johnson-who knows that may do wonders for them or should Ricky be slapped?

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