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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationMaintenance & Repairs · 1 decade ago

Toyota Tacoma 1996 TPS malfunction?

I used my OBDII sensor to read my "Check Engine" code. It came back with an error code: "P0510 Closed Throttle Position Switch."

I believe it is referring to the Throttle Position Sensor. I don't know if the part is stuck "closed" or if it is broken? Unfortunately, I also don't know where this part is or how to replace it if it is even replaceable. I need someone who can verify whether I am right in assuming that the code is referring to the throttle position senor. I am also looking for some information on how to replace the part. Any help is greatly appreciated. If you are unable to provide feedback on this board feel free to email me @:

(Please, no answers that are questions about my question >.>)

Looking forward to some much needed clarification and help!!!


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    Your TPS contains a Potentiometer. The Potentiometer has a pointer that is rotated on a shaft. When you put a load on your engine the pointer moves to a new location on the resistor in the potentiometer. Meaning the resistance readings tell the computer that the throttle is opening or closing back. You are going to have a reference voltage. I'm not sure what that is for your tps sensor on your Tacoma but a service manual can tell you. You can either test your TPS using an Digital Volt ohm meter or just swap it out with a new one. A flow chart when testing the sensor would be incredibly helpful. There is cases of the Computer/ecu/pcm going bad and causes the TPS to get an incredibly high voltage reading. And that can cause very sharp jerking when driving. I had that happen on my Honda last year. Your TPS should be located near the intake Manifold where your throttle cable is. I'd suggest a service manual and getting a flow chart to start with.

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  • Usually the TPS or throttle position sensor is located right down the air filter (Next to Air Filter) plastic tube and just before the manifold intake. If your OBDII check meter say's that it's bad then just replace it. You can get one at any parts store, and while your there have them pull up a microfisch film that shows the location and the different makes of them.

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  • 4 years ago

    Closed Throttle Position Switch

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