In Bosom Buddies the original them song was My Life. Now on DVD it's Shake Me Loose. Why? Details please.

Bosom Buddies was the sitcom that launched Tom Hanks career. I remember watching it as a kid with the My Life theme song (written by Billy Joel.) That song was so much better than the Shake Me Loose song they replaced it with on the DVD.

I've done some research and all I can find is that there was some sort of licensing problem that didn't allow My Life to be used in syndication or on the DVD. What I am asking for is details. What is the licensing issue?

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    This happens from time to time. For example...on the TV show Las Vegas the theme song is Elvis Presley's "Satisfy Me". On the DVD's however they use generic music instead because Priscilla wanted too much money for the rights to the song.

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    Bosom Buddies Theme Song

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    They more than likely paid a fee every time they used that song with the show. The agreement may had a time limit involved, was not licensed to be used for reproduction of the show for sale, or perhaps they didn't want to have to pay those residuals when choosing a new song would have saved money. The last is probably true because they figured anyone who was a big enough fan of the show to buy it on DVD was not doing so because they loved the theme song.

  • Probably a disagreement on a dollar amount to be paid to use the song on the dvds.

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    Billy Joel probably wanted more money than the producers were willing to give.

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