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Are science fair winners original? PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION!!!?

Here is a website:


so you think alll these award winning projects are original? What about the award-winning projects in Intel ISEF? Aren't many topics from science magazines?

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    No. I think they are just the best of the group they are judged in and I know most of the entries in any group are unmotivated people who were required to enter. You don't have to be spectacular to win among that crowd.

    Since most people in those competitions have no idea what is cutting edge in science there is a limit to how creative they could be. And if their display looks good and their signs are neatly done they are automatically standouts no matter what the level of their scientific content.

    Source(s): I think that is sad but true.
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    Your link does not work!

    In general kids compete at science fairs. If anyone is under the illusion that these are original have a look at

    If you want to see original look at a doctoral thesis.

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