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Muslims that helped Jews during the holocaust.?

Sadly some Muslims particularly in the Arab world have a tendency to deny or not take the holocaust seriously...

This has allowed those with their own vested agenda (that are Muslims are murders and terrorists and want to kill all Jews) to make theirs.

They highlight the cases of shameful Muslims who helped the Nazis such as the Muftis of Palastine and Egypt

It is not fair to single out Muslims as collabaraters in the holocaust. All European nations had them. Ireland and India too, for the same reason of those Arab collaberaters, (because they were fighting against the British)

But they use this to suggest that Muslims has always hated Jews which is not true. Look to the history of Spain and the Ottoman empire. Jewish people found refuge from Christian persecution there.

There are Muslims that helped Jews during the holocaust. And it is important to remember them. That his current hatred is only a glitch in history. And that Muslims and Jews can live together.


As Israel is a centre of Holocaust study. I would like some help finding examples and names of Muslims he helping Jews during the holocaust.

Here is a start:

1) Kemal Yolga, Turkish vice consulate

2)Khaled Abdelwahhab

3) Dervis Korkut. In a twist of fate his grand daughter found refuge in Israel from Bosnia

4)Albania was the only country in Europe to safe all it's Jews as well as saving Jews from other countries

5)Iran's mufti persuades the Germans not to deport it's Jews by saying taht they were Ayrian not Semetic

Update 2:

Thankyou! ###And for writing so much, I not good at giving short questions :p ####

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    Here are a few things I found that I hope can help. I like this question.

    Si Kaddour Benghabrit

    Mosque that sheltered Jews

    Khaled Abdelwahhab

    First Arab nominated to the Israeli Righteous Among Nations

    Currently there are 60 Muslims that are listed among the Righteous among the Nations for saving Jewish lives during the Holocaust.

    Good Luck!!!

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    Great post; have a star!

    I agree with you that Jews and Muslims CAN live together peacefully; it's happened in the past and please G-d, it will happen again. It's the extremists on both sides that cause the problems.

    Some of the answers to your post are quite worrying. Firstly: to correct the remark someone made about 'Jews helping the Nazis' - utter rubbish. There were some Jews in the camps who were told that unless they performed certain tasks then their entire families would be slaughtered - so they complied. That's a different matter.

    Another answerer has yet again stated that Jews 'always' mention the Holocaust - it's the opposite, in fact. On this site EVERY time the Holocaust is mentioned it's in a post by a non Jew. Which is fine, but why do people keep asking we Jews to stop talking about it - when it's not even us raising the topic???

    THE KID - hey you, listen up a minute: I love your posts, they are great, and your answers are often among the best - but your response here was a bit aggressive and it was unnecessary! These are emotive topics, we all simmer a bit - but take it down a notch! We all still luv ya, though!

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    Perhaps it's best to first consider that war - especially the insanity of the Nazis during WWII - is a horrid thing.

    I would believe that there are Muslims who did help Jewish people and I understand that in Israel there are specific records listing their names. Those people would have followed the teachings of their religion.

    But given that war and politicians tend to distort things, it is also established that Muslims joined the Nazis in their terrible actions against the Jews. Why they did this, I cannot answer, but I do feel it was wrong.

    As someone has pointed out, there were even Jews who worked with the Nazis. Are they traitors to their faith? I don't know. We look at WWII from the perspective of not being under Nazi occupation. Perhaps our own judgement would be considerably different if we had to suffer the rule of an insane and incredibly bad group of people such as the Nazis.

    There are several good books on the subject - including one concerning the conduct of the French during the Nazi occupation. It might help you balance your perspective. One book is called: "Surviving Hitler"...

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    I am a Muslim and I am ready to help an innocent victim of any community. Muslims, Jews Christians did live together for long years peacefully in Palestine untill some started their holocast over Muslims by creating a new occupied country. Now the victims are Muslims who once helped Jews when they were victims under Nazi. Jews forgot their past as they tend to forget every favor upon them.

    Source(s): O children of Israel! call to mind the (special) favor which I bestowed upon You and that I preferred you to all others (for My message). Then guard yourselves against a day when one soul shall not avail another nor shall intercession be accepted for her nor shall compensation be taken from her nor shall anyone be helped (from outside). And remember We delivered you from the people of Pharaoh: they set you hard tasks and punishments slaughtered your sons and let your womenfolk live; therein was a tremendous trial from your Lord. And remember We divided the sea for you and saved you and drowned Pharaoh's people within your very sight. (Holy Quran:2:47,48,49,50)
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    4 years ago

    The first answerer is correct some of them were working with the Nazis. The difference is the pope was just a kid and like all German children of the time was forced into the Hitler youth. Even Germans lived in fear of the Nazis not all were Nazi supporters, you have to understand the Era of the time. As for some of Islamic states who supported the Nazis they were not children and they were states!.

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    It's true that "many" Muslims in the Arab World particularly don't take the Holocaust seriously because Jews always use the Holocaust as an exuse or a justification for their acts, especially bringing the state of Israel to existence. As we know, Muslims see Israel as an occupant entity which seized their land and killed their people, that's why they hate it and try to deny everything that provides global support or sympathy with Israel. I think this is quite wrong.

    As for the Mufti of Jerusalem, he was a friend of Hitler. I think that Hitler wanted to maintain good relationships with a high-ranked person like the Mufti in order to get some support. Islam strongly rejects and criticizes Nazism, so the Mufti musn't agree on any of the basics of Nazism. Yes, it's very worng to judge Muslims by one person's acts. Let's suppose that the Mufti supported Hitler that doesn't mean that all Muslims do. The Mufti was actually like a governor of Jerusalem, means has nothing to offer Hitler.

    The Muslims never hated Jews the way people think about. And as you said, the history of Spain and the Ottomon empire are just an example of Islamic tolerance with Jews, when Jews found safe haven after being persecuted in Christian Europe. Jews in the Muslims world could practice their religion freely unlike in Europe. From the Islamic perspective, Muslims don't believe in any religion but Islam and believe that other religons are false. But non-Muslims have the right to practice their faith and live freely having their rights preserved by the state. No evidence is better than history to see the situation of Jews in the Muslim world.

    Source(s): Extensive reading.
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  • Feivel
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    I didn't know about all of those. Thanks for sharing that. I do believe more Muslims wanted to assist the Nazi's but those that helped save Jews should be hailed as heroes, no matter what their faith.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's gone.. over.. History.. more than 60 years ago.. I don't think it's so cool to weep, pay, hear, be responisble for a crime of 60 years old and I didn't commit. Istill recognize denying or assuring as a "freedom of expression".. or is the "holocaust" the only and ultimate truth in this universe?????

    Those Shameful Muslims helped Hitler because he was their hope to get rid of the invasion of the British Empire after a war that lasted 75 years with Egypt.

    It is really strange that you blame Egypt and Palestine for an opinion or a point of view and ignore Japan, Italy who really supported Hitler with soldiers and weapons... Strange.. isn't it?

    How about the holocaust that Truman of the USA made in Nagazaki? I think Hitler was better as he didn't burn 17000 child alive with 7 million Civilian, Still he had some mercy.. right?

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    Also King Hassan of moroco or whatever his name was protected the moorocan jews.

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    The real Jews don't exist any more, what you see now is just a different mixed races whom's religion is Judaism and can speak Hebro, but don't have pure Jew's blood.

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