Alice Cullen??

i have read all the books over and over but i still don't totally understand her story. can someone explain??



okay i think people dont know what i'm asking. i have read the books.!!

I know they explain it in twilight and new moon but i just dont exactly understand it!! so please dint tell me that they say it in the book!! just give some detail!!!!! thank you

Update 2:

i only want to know what happened before she became a vampire. i read the books, i know what happened after!!

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    Full Name: Mary Alice Brandon Cullen (PC1)

    Status: Vampire

    Date of Birth: 1901 (?)

    Date of change to vampire: Sometime in the 1920’s – she was 19 (PC1)

    Originally from: Biloxi, Mississippi (PC1)

    Hair color: Black (TW1)

    Eye color: Vampire gold/black

    Height: 4’ 10” (PC1)

    Physical description: pixie-like, very thin, small features, spiky hair (TW1)

    Special talents: Can see into the future

    Occupation: Currently enrolled at Forks High School

    Family members: Married to Jasper (PC1)– adopted member of the Cullen family. Sister Cynthia and one niece. (NM17)

    Source of change: Worker at mental asylum – name unknown (TW22)

    Hobbies: Loves to shop (PC1)

    Personal history: Alice was held in a mental asylum because of her ability to have visions. There she was the favorite of a vampire who worked in the building. James, a hunter vampire, took the challenge of hunting her simply because another vampire desired her. Once it was clear to him that James was after her, he, the vampire who worked in the asylum, freed Alice and changed her before James could kill her. James killed the other vampire instead. She had no memory of these events and was left to find her own way. (TW22)

    At some point she saw Jasper in a vision. He was searching for someone and Alice provided him with what he was looking for. They found each other in 1948 and by 1950 they had found Carlisle with more help from her visions. They have been members of the family ever since. (TW14) (TL)

    Alice and Jasper have been officially married, but unlike Rosalie and Emmett, once was enough. (PC1)

    Alice became good friends with Bella through her association with Edward. In 2006 when the Cullens have left Forks, it is Alice who first returns to check up on Bella. (NM17) Alice also travels to Italy with Bella to save Edward’s life. (NM19)

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    She is a Vampire out of Twilight who can see the destiny and is accompanied by using Carslisle and Esme Cullen alongside with Jasper Edward Rosalie and Emmet What are her powers?as properly Seeing the destiny?

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    Alice tells her story on page 400 of New Moon. Pax - C

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    She was put into an asylum during her human life you know how she doesn't remember anything but black? that's because they kept her locked up in the asylum AKA-old time Mental hospital

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    She is a msart annoying person thats loved

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    it does not say anything in particular about her human life. (i don't think)

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