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Which dogs can play with siberian husky without being scared ?

i know siberian husky can play with another husky but is there another dogs that can ?? and i know that have to depend on their personailties but yeaah.

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    Is your Siberian especially rough in his play?

    Apart from that, any breed could play with a Siberian. It depends on the individual's temperament and playfulness. Similar breeds (Alaskan Malamute, Samoyed, etc.) might play in a similar manner and they might have more fun.

    If your Siberian is really rough in his play, don't have him play with a very small or very timid dog.

    Actually, if you're not sure about what kind of dogs can play with your dog, I wouldn't recommend small dogs at all. Siberians can have a strong prey drive, and in some dogs, when they get excited, they can actually mistake small dogs for prey and harm them. Of course, not true for all dogs, but until you know how your dog might react, you might want to avoid very small dogs.

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    It depends on the husky and the small breed. If both dogs want to be the dominent dog you may have problems. For people saying huskys are always friendly, not true. Siberian Huskys are on the health and human services most dangerous dog list due to contributing to the most human deaths. I have a very nice siberian husky, but she was living with my sisters female husky and they fought to the extent we had to go to the emergency vet. I now have my husky and a black lab and they get along great, it all depends on how the dog is raised, my sisters is very aggressive towards people and dogs. I take my dog to the dog park where she socializes with many breeds, she has gotten in a few small fights with other female dominent dogs, the dogs i watch her closely with are female chows, malamutes, and other female huskys. She will also warn dogs once if they hump her (shes spayed) 2nd time she growls. My point of this long answer, spend some time with both dogs, make sure you know their personalities and behaviors before leaving them alone and they are likly to be great friends like my 13 yr old black lab and 4 yr old husky.

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    Any well socialized dog can play with another breed of dog. There are just some breeds that are more dog aggressive and others that prefer to only play with dogs of their breed. I suggest getting a dog that is more active, so something in the sporting, working, herding or terrier group. Stay away from smaller dogs try to get one closer to your dogs breed. Try pointers or retrievers or maybe a Collie something similar in size that gets along well with other dogs. When you find the dog for you make sure you introduce them and let them act like dogs with the sniffing and figure out the pack ranking. They will soon become best friends dogs have a habit of doing it on their own you just need to keep an eye on them when they are younger.

    Source(s): Dog trainer for 7 years, akc dog handler lots of experience with dogs
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    A few years back I had a Siberian husky, Alaskan malamute, Dalmatian, 2 wolf hybrids and they ALL played together. They even played with my friend rat terrier.

    Breed doesnt matter, personality does

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    Oh, I LOVE siberian huskies.

    Like you said-it all depends on the dogs personality.Regardless of the breed, any two dogs can get along or be enemies.The breed does not matter.

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    I'd say get a dog that has the same interest in playing and about the same size as your husky.

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    You just answered you own question. It depends on the personality of the dog more than the breed. Most dogs can play with any other dog without getting scared.

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    I does depend on personalities. However, any playful larger breeds, such as Akita, Malamute, or German Shepard, should be fine.

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    your exactly right it all depends on their personality's and their temper meant!......and just b/c their owner says that they get along with every dog it is usally not the case! =)

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    Your right, it all depends on their personalities.

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