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What is the most beautiful thing about being a woman?Why are woman more beautiful than compared to man?


Why has nature given woman the privilage to give birth and babies?

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    typically the word beautiful is used to describe soft, delicate things. women tend to possess these qualities more than men, even at a biological level. we have rounder bodies which flow into smooth curves of breasts, waist, and hips. men have more hard, rigid features like their jawline, broader noses, and protruding chins. the word beautiful seems more compatible with the female form than the male form.

    also, i'm a sociology student conducting an anonymous study on sex and relationships at

    Source(s): me: i'm a woman and i'm beautiful.
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    You answered your own question. The fact that women give birth is the most amazing beautiful thing about females, but women can't make babies without a man.

    "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Women are beautiful Men are handsome. They are yin and yang, Parallel to each other.

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    sound like ur in love. well i'll assume ur talking of an ever so graceful woman. the most beautiful thing about being a women is the maturedness to realise, and help people out.

    and who said a women is more beautiful when comapared to a man?u cud also say a man is more handsome when compared to a women.

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    Why are woman more beautiful than man? Who say so? I am a man so I am attracted to women but that doesn't make them more attractive than us. First of all, they spend countless hour in the bathroom shaving and put on makeup, then they spent countless hours at a hair salon doing their hair, nail, facial...among other things. And you only see the good looking one at the mall, because a woman will not go out unless they check themselves hundred of times in front of a mirror. For every good looking one that you see in public, there are an equal number of hideous looking one that refuse to go out in public.

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    Different individuals have different beauties, as we are all unique in our own way. Which woman and which beauty are you exactly talking about?

    Men find women beautiful, women find men beautiful...that's why we're attracted to each other (well, most of us lol).

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    The most beautiful thing about being a woman is having men like you around.

    Men have a beauty that is a little more macho than women, though.

    Please stay on this Forum; we need more men like you around.

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    Why are women more beautiful than men? Simple - the vagina - it all comes down to that, no matter how much we pretend that we are advanced creatures.

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    They have the power of multiple orgasms!!!!....I soooo wish it was like that for us. come to think of it....They can have orgasms without physically masturbating. Damn!!! imagine that!!! It sucks (in that department ) to be us!

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    They wear makeup, and have boobs. what else is new?

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