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maths(estimation and approximation) no.2?

Could you teach me how to solve this quesitons?

1.There are two figure, one is a rectangle ABCD whic is 24 cm^2 and the other one is a square PQRS.Estimate the area of the square PQRS.(ANS. 4cm)

2.There is a picture showing a 4-storey building and a tree.The tree is as high as the 3-storey building.Estimate the height of the tree and explain your estimation strategy.(ans.9m)

3.Leo uses a uler on which the distance between 2 succesccivve marking is 5 mm to measure the sides of a rectangle and here are the results:

Length=4.5 cm, Width=6.5 cm

If he uses the measured lengths to calculate the area of the rectangle, find the accumulated error in the result obtained.

4.What is a cluster in maths?


FOR NO.1 AND 2, please refer to (NO.1 )


The answer of no.3 is2.8125cm^2.

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    You can't solve #1 since ABCD is completely unrelated with #1.

    #2 doesn't make sence because you can't have a building that changes the number of floors from 4 to 3. Plus it doesn't specify what the height of a storey is.

    #3: 5mm is 0.5cm so there is no error.

    #4: A group of things.

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