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If Ron Paul #1 in Mass media Polls would you vote for him ?


hey harley

- ron paul has never in 20 years in congress voted to raise taxes

-ron paul is against gun control

-ron paul is is against illegal aliens

-ron paul is for small govt

-ron paul is for free markets -not for corporate welfare

-ron paul is pro life

Update 2:

harley you are obviously a democrat and prefer the status quo -

Update 3:

harley -you again are mistaken the reason there is cut and paste from ron paul supporters is because he has a platform and he is not a blank slate candidate like the others who really have no platforms - I believe it is you who is blind and we show we have done our homework on the candidates -

I never thought I as a republican would vote for a man such as ron paul but under the present circumstances and the current crop of candidates I find there is no other choice but ron paul -who is a transparent and honest candidate -unlike giuliani -romney -thompson- who use smoke and mirrors -out right lies and sound bytes to get the vote - no you will not be getting best answer - if I could take points from you I would

Update 4:

ok harley- lets call it three balls -two strikes -runners on 1st 2nd and 3rd -2 outs bottom of the ninth game tied -First let me deal with giuliani being in the msm polls he is #1-guy is only running because he was mayor during 9/11- I was living in new york at the time and before 9/11 he pretty much wanted

martial law -it was like living in indonesia where if you j-walk you get 10 lashings -but that is besides the point I know you dont like thisbut I will cut and paste where he is getting his top contributions from the site I got it off is non-partisan its to educate voters I realized that he has the same large corps giving him money as Clinton the other #1polling candidate here it is

Update 5:

the cut and paste wont fit so here is the list of companies(you can see it in my ron paul special interest question)

credit suisse

ernst young

bear stearns

merrill lynch


morgan stanley

JP Morgan

Goldman Sachs

why would the same companies invest in 2 people who are on the opposite side of the political spectrum -I think so that their special interest will be met probably at the expense of americans again. so I wont go for giuliani -

next romney - again top contributors


merrill lynch

morgan stanley

JP morgan

Goldman Sachs

but also forget that he flip flops on everything from the sky is blue to the expiration date on milk have you seen his bio before he was a politician?his biography before he was a politician reads like he could have starred in the movie wall street . do you really want somebody in office who thinks greed is good ?

Update 6:

so now who is left? actor and lobbyst Fred Thompson-voted no for allowing cheaper Rx drugs from canada (small businesses found a niche and he votes for big business and closes em down)

Voted to LIMIT tax deductions for self employed(sm business owners)

voted no on limiting congressional gifts from lobbysts

voted no on increasing tax deductions for college tuition -

hes not a republican he is for 2 things himself and big business so it is obvious he is easily bought -

ron paul makes these guys look like a joke - bam HR outta the park. game over !

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    Either the mass media has to stop its un-'scientific' polls, or those guys are in for a big shock.

    Ron Paul has much greater support than the media would acknowledge. The reason is simple. The so called 'main stream' media is nothing but a medium for big corporations to push their propaganda, as they have always been doing. (Anybody who doesn't understand this needs to take hid ipod out of his ear and his head out of his *ss, and look at who owns these media comapnies, and why there is a conflict of interest).

    If you are talking about 'mass' as in masses of people, then Ron Paul is already #1. The true word of the people is the internet. There is no Rupert Murdoch here instructing Hannity and Colmes to tell people what to think. Internet is the new Main stream medium. And Ron Paul is #1 on the net.

    As for the weird assumption that Ron Paul supporters are a bunch of spammers just spamming on the internet, if Romney could pay for his supporters tickets and travel, he sure could pay a bunch of spammers to campaign for him on the internet as well.

    But that won't happen. Because you don't get millions of views for videos, blogs and landslides in polls without massive grassroot support. The corporate media can choose its darling, but the people have already chosen theirs. And they are voting for him.

    Source(s): Internet, TV, radio.
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  • ferrel
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    3 years ago

    YES. I've spotted that the primary time while he did not win Iowa, and he most likely will have to have received Florida! They've already made up our minds who they desire, most of these primaries are only for exhibit! Mitt Romney will certainly win, and he'll NOT be ready to defeat Obama, who's a democrat.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Absolutely! I'm constantly running into the "Ron WHO?" question. What I find to be a testament to his credibility, (and mine, from the perspective of a self-proclaimed liberal) is how desirable he is on both sides.

    I mean, seriously, I frequently encounter more "liberals" on this website championing for Dr. Ron Paul than members in his own party! Without even mentioning his devout commitment to our country's founding values, (and the fact he is free from corporate purse-strings), Paul transcends the partisan divide because he represents the MAJORITY of America that desires out of Iraq and freedom from our unconstitutional tax laws.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Media polls don't mean a damn!!

    Look at the Iowa Straw Exit poll:

    Ron Paul______37.01%

    M Huckabee___20.85%

    T Tancredo____16.72%

    Mitt Romney___10.03%

    S Brownback___06.91%

    T Thompson____04.35%

    D Hunter_______01.34%

    F Thompson____00.89%

    Rudy Giuliani___00.67%

    John McCain____00.56%

    John Cox_______00.45%

    Me's smells a rat!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Polls are for the candidates, they do nothing to help the voters. They should be outlawed so people will think for themselves and vote their beliefs.

    I hate polls.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Polls wouldn't make Ron Paul an electable candidate. It would take Ron Paul to make himself electable. "Dr. No's" voting record will assure he never gets elected as President. Ron Paul's values and actions run counter to Everything the Republican party stands for. It's easy to get lemmings to follow by saying what they want to hear, but taking a stance on issue's without taking action (hence the "Dr No" nickname his followers gave him) is very dangerous and irresponsible, and that is what he would bring to the table.

    Edit: Thank you ... you made my point valid. Most Ron Paul supporters don't have original thoughts, they just spam, parrot and are experts at cut and paste.

    Edit: Swing and a miss ...actually I am an Independent who votes Republican and I love my Country, therefore I don't want a loose cannon as dangerous as Paul calling the shots. This really proves how Paul's blind followers are so easily mis(led.) Will you pick me for best answer now or do I have to cut and paste or agree with you?

    Edit: Strike Three...sorry, I still refuse to be blinded by an empty suit. Like I stated, It's easy to take a stance on issues like people want to hear without taking any action. Voting No on everything...ok, but why don't Ron Paul supporters post his accomplishments and what he has done instead of what he hasn't done. He has sponsored as many pork filled bills as all self serving politicians, blames the U.S. for 9-11, and the white supremacist issue we won't touch. + 5 points.

    Strike 3 means you are out of gas ... sorry.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't ever base my vote on polls.

    My #1 problem with Ron Paul he couldn't even vote to condemn the actions of Muslim terrorists.

    Also his rant about we been bombing them for 12 years is nuts too.

    Ron Paul is Ross Perot with new wrappings both nuts.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Nope, I'd still support Mike Huckabee.

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  • mick t
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    He's the only candidate proposing a profound change in direction. I don't agree with him on everything, but he's got my vote.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't let Polls tell me who to vote for, I count on my mind for that.

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