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Feline Leukemia?

My neighbor has a cat that gets in our front entrance occasionally, and i have heard of Feline Leukemia, and I am not sure, if this cat has been checked for it or not, but i was just wondering if my cat could have it. The only contact she has had with the other cat is smelling each other. I know it sounds silly, but I just want to make sure she's okay

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    Feline leukemia is spread by direct blood-to-blood or saliva in a wound contact. Cats can't get it or spread it by sniffing or licking or even by grooming each other unless saliva from an infected cat gets into a wound or sore on the cat being groomed.

    I've known of feline leukemia positive cats, even ones who died of the disease, living with other cats in a household, and none of the other cats ever developed the disease.

    A major cause of feline leukemia in kittens is being born to an infected mother who got the disease from being mauled by tomcats during mating. Tomcats often spread the disease via their fighting.

    For your peace of mind, get your cat vaccinated for feline leukemia and the other common cat diseases, if you haven't already.

    Source(s): I work at a vet hospital.
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    This disease is transmittied by saliva...Ex: Touching each others nose..using the same food/water bowels..using the same litterbox...and it can be transmitted through the air as well by the cats fur *Since they clean themselves and the saliva is on the fur* They can also get it by eating grass or weeds that the other cat has chewed or nibbled on too..

    The best way to check if your cat has it is to take it to the vet and have them do a blood test..

    But if you want to try and see for yourself first..Look for any yellowing of the skin * This is a big sympton..

    You can also check the other cat by seeing if it has yellowed skin..but Im not sure if the skin would be yellow if the cat is a carrier..

    Anyways good luck and I pray your kitty doesnt have this disease because it is very very painful for them and I had to put one of my kittens down because of this..

    And please try to keep your cat inside *whether it has leukemia or not* Keep it inside to prevent it from being exposed to the disease again..and if it does have this disease keep it inside so that other cats around wont get it too...

    Source(s): I've had 2 cats with leukemia *One died and the other we are not 100% positive that she has it yet since the test they did didnt show it up right (kinda hard to explain) I've also done alot of reading up on leukemia because of my 2 cats.
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    If your cat is allowed outdoors where she may come into contact with strange cats, she should get a Feline leukemia vaccine every year, regardless. It is spread through fresh saliva and bite wounds, and it is a terrible disease, please don't take the risk. Take her in a get a FeLV test just to be sure, and then please vaccinate.

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    take your cat to the vet and get her the shot to help ward off this disease.

    it is not a guarantee that she wont get it but it will give her some protection from it.

    generally though feline lukemia is passed through fighting --- sorta like aids in people (you know fluids of some sort pass between the 2 -- blood, spit, etc)

    many years ago we lost 3 at one time to it when a stray passed through the neighborhood fighting with everything

    spca caught the cat and tested it but unfortunately it was after our heartbreak!!!!!!!!

    if you are ever in doubt head to the vet. yes it can be expensive but you will have years and years with you precious pet

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    Feline Leukemia is most-commonly transmitted from cat to cat through bites, unless they live together. Ensure your cat has been vaccinated and stays indoors and she'll be safe.

    More info

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    There's a vaccine for Feluke, you can have yours vaccinated against it and won't have to worry about it then.

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