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I need a good book!!!?


I am almost 15 and looking for a good book to read for my HUGE english project. It has to be at least 200 pgs long and here is some stuff I have to do with it.

-Make a cover page w/ the title of the book, picture, an imaginary publishers statement, and two fake reviews

-Write at least a 300 word summary

-Write at least 8 imaginary diary entries from the main characters point of view

-Make a timeline of at least 10 events

-Make a collage of pictures representing a scene from the book

-Find 25 vocab words I don't know and define them

-Write at least a 25 question quiz about the the whole book

These are books I have read..

-Inheart & Inkspell

-Harry Potters


-A Series of the Unfortunate Events

-Everything by Lois Lowry

-Cirque de Freque

Here are some books I don't want to read

-the Clique Series

-the Twilight Series

-the Alice books

Thanks SOOOO Much!!!!!


Here are some types of books I like

-mysteries (especially murder or pet napping or kidnapping)

-not all romance (a little is okay)

-some comedy



-some sci fi (I LOVE the movie the Island)

-oh yeah, they can't be based off movies and HAVE to be school appropraite (some cussing and stuff is okay, but not a lot!!

So if you have any ideas, please write them!!! Thanks Again!!!

Update 2:

Also, if it is animal related or milittary related that would be cool.

Update 3:

Thanks Bryce, that book looks great!!!!

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    nancy drew(mystery),geronimo stilton(comedy with pictures)

    narnia,the witch,the lion and the wardrobe,a wrinkle in time(science and imagination) sadako and the thousand paper cranes(a true story that's truly unforgetable) that's all

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    Ok so here are a couple of books I think might really impress your english teacher if you're interested. The first one is called "Montana 1948" by larry watson. I actually read this when I was in school in year 11 and had to do an essay on it also (a few years ago now!). It's not a long book to read, nor is it really heavy, just extremely slow. But if you can perservere, by the time you reach the middle of the story you will be glad you kept reading. Here is the synopsis off the back of the book:

    MONTANA 1948 By Larry Watson

    Montana 1948; and the events of one cataclysmic summer will forever alter twelve year old David Hayden's view of his family. His father, a small town sheriff; his remarkably strong willed mother; his uncle, a war hero and respected doctor; and the family's Sioux housekeeper, Marie Little Soldier, whose shocking revelations form the heart of the story.

    As their memories unravel before young David's eyes, he comes to learn that the truth is not what you believe it to be.

    That power is abused. And that sometimes you have to choose between loyalty and justice.......

    A tale of childhood lost and adulthood gained.

    Because this book was originally set as literature for older classes, I think your teacher will be impressed for your willing ness to give it a go.

    Now the 2nd book I could reccomened to you is called "The life of Pi" by Yann Martel. This is a really good book also as it was originally writtten as literature for adults and has more recently been re-edited and given a new cover to attract a younger audience. If you are interest in this one you just need to ask your library or bookstore for the young adult version. Anyway the story basically revolves around a boy named Pi and a bengal tiger named richard who find themselves floating in a lifeboat in the middle of the pacific ocean after their ship sinks. The story is about their understanding of one another and the unlikely friendship they build. This is an excerpt from some reviews about the book:

    Some books defy categorisation: Life of Pi, the second novel from Canadian writer Yann Martel, is a case in point: just about the only thing you can say for certain about it is that it is fiercely and admirably unique. The plot, if that’s the right word, concerns the oceanic wanderings of a lost boy, the young and eager Piscine Patel of the title (Pi). After a colourful and loving upbringing in gorgeously-hued India, the Muslim-Christian-animistic Pi sets off for a fresh start in Canada. His blissful voyage is rudely interrupted when his boat is scuppered halfway across the Pacific, and he is forced to rough it in a lifeboat with a hyena, a monkey, a whingeing zebra and a tiger called Richard. That would be bad enough, but from here on things get weirder: the animals start slaughtering each other in a veritable frenzy of allegorical bloodlust, until Richard the tiger and Pi are left alone to wander the wastes of ocean, with plenty of time to ponder their fate, the cruelty of the gods, the best way to handle storms and the various different recipes for oothappam, scrapple and coconut yam kootu.

    Good luck with your english assignment!

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    I read The Light in the Forest for an English project when I was in high school. That's been about 25 years ago so I'd say it must be a pretty good book because I still remember it. It's based on an actual event that occurred in the fall of 1764, during the westerly expansion into the Indian territory of Ohio. Colonel Bouquet, who is an historic figure in addition to being a character in the book, marched into Ohio with 1,500 soldiers and ordered that the Indians return the white prisoners they had captured. The troop came back to Fort Pitt on November 9, 1764 with 206 white captives, and, according to certain accounts of the ordeal, many whites were indeed angry about their forced return. In addition to Colonel Bouquet, Parson Elder is another real-life character in the book. The Paxton Boys' massacre was also an actual event that occurred in response to the Pontiac Indian uprising, a number of attacks that Indians wreaked upon Pennsylvanian settlers in 1763. As Richter explains in the novel, the settlers in western Pennsylvania resented the lenient attitude toward punishing Indians of influential judges and politicians of eastern Pennsylvania. These settlers felt that they had to take justice into their own hands.

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    The Thief of Always

    Go Ask Alice

    (A little bit innapropriate but has a great moral)



    (that book is a little too long so you'll have a lot to write about)

    A Jar of Dreams

    and also a really great mystery book is

    The Westing Game

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    Thrillers: Matthew Reilly

    Mysteries: Carol Nelson Douglas' Midnight Louie

    Sci-Fi/Fantasy: David Weber, S.M.Stirling, Raymond Feist, Jane Lindskold, David Drake, the late David Gemmel, Dennis L. McKiernan, Fred Saberhagen's Dracula series starts with 'An Old Friend of the Family ' it is different and the same as a lot of Dracula books with one difference. Drac is the good guy. Have fun, hope you excel.

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    Either the first or second book in the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear. The first book is _Maisie Dobbs_, and the second is _Birds of a Feather_. They're both mysteries (about 300 pages long) and very interesting. Can be found in the adult mystery section.

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    Ok, Thats a big list.

    *Murder Mysteries

    -Evan McNamara(author)

    Superior Position

    Fair Game

    -Victoria Thompson

    Murder on Astor Place

    Murder on Gramercy Park

    Muder on Washington Square

    Murder on Mulberry Bend

    Murder on Marble Row

    Murder on Lenox Hill

    Murder in Little Italy

    Murder in Chinatown

    -Anne Perry

    Southampton Row

    Callander Square

    -Kristen Heitzmann


    A Rush of Wings

    -Lilian Jackson Braun

    <The Cat Who Series

    First one is, The cat who could read backwards

    -Robin Paige

    Death at Bishops Keep( A Victorian Mystery)

    Death at Diasy's Folly

    -Sue Henry

    Murder on the Iditrod Trail (An Alaskan Mystery)

    -Joan Hess

    The murder at The Murder at Mimosa Inn ( a Clair Malloy Mystery){ by the way, that title is not a typo}

    *Other Fiction

    -Lois Ruby

    Steal Away Home

    Soon be Free(^Sequel)

    -Gilbert Morris

    The House of Winslow series

    Edge of Honor

    I have read most of these books personally. One of my personal favorites on the mystery list is the Murder on Washington Square. If you have any questions contact me through my profile,

    Hope this helps! :)

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    The Killer's Cousin by Nancy Werlin. Its only 229 pgs long, so it wont take that long to read.

    "Recently acquitted of murder, seventeen year old David has moved to Massachusetts to complete his senior year of high school. His aunt and uncle have offered him shelter - escape from the media's questions and from uncertain glances of his neighbors and ex-friends.

    His attic apartment doesn't feel like much of a shelter though. He sees ghostly shadows at night, his aunt is strangely cold, and his eleven year old cousin, Lily, is downright hostile. And as Lily's behavior becomes more and more threatening, David cant help but wonder what ugly secrets lurk within the walls of her home.

    There's one thing that David knows with certainty. The more he learns about his cousin Lily the harder it is to forget the past."

    Its really very interesting and quite short, heres an extract:

    "'Tell me something,' she said, as if casually. 'How did you feel when she went down?'

    All the air left the room

    Lily was leaning forward, her gaze avid, sucking at mine. 'Tell me. Did you feel . . . powerful? Were you glad? Even . . . just for a minute?'

    I had words somewhere inside me, but for a long moment they were formless. I thought, she's a kid, she's just a kid, but that didn't help. Greg and Emily and I had been kids too. Being under eighteen didn't mean you were innocent. Or harmless . . . "

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    Here are a few of my favorite.

    "Can't get there from Here," AWESOME BOOK!!!

    It is about this girl and some other teens who live on the streets and how they search for peice in their lives.

    If you do not like sad books than don't read this one.

    "Flowers for Algernon,"

    This is about a guy who has suffered from menatal retardation and a company runs experiments on him with a mouse and it is hard to explain but it is an excellent book.

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! I almost forgot about this trilogy.

    It is Science fiction and the first book is called "The Uglies, then the pretties, then the last book is calles the specials.

    They are so awesome and they are about the furture and I could write about them all day!!! Best books ever!!!!!!!!!

    Hope I helped!!!!!!!

    Source(s): I am 14.
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    The thornbirds. It's a book your teacher should know. Also it takes place over several decades so a timeline would be really easy and since it puts so much in to it a summary would be really easy. It also tells about several different characters throughout so you don't get too bored with the same character but it's not confusing.

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    *= a must read

    ooo, my specialty. Here it goes:

    *Maximum Ride 1-3

    Lord of the rings 1-3

    the hobbit

    *Alex rider 1-6

    *the gatekeepers 1-4


    Vampire Diaries

    Edgar Allen Poe


    anything by Stephen King

    *The Phantom by susan kay



    *warriors 1-13

    *Chronicles of Ancient Darkness1-3

    *Rangers Apprentice

    *The Cherub series, starting with the Recruit

    *Warrior's Heir

    *Wizard's heir

    soon to be Dragon's heir

    Crispin 1-2

    Strongbow Saga 1-2

    Chronicles of Narnia 1-7

    *His Dark Materials 1-3

    *Pip and Flinx 1- idk, starts w/ for love of mother not

    *Avalon High

    Beka Cooper series 1

    *Ender's game series 1-3

    Earthsea trilogy(and movie) 1-3

    My upcoming book R.I.P.

    Sea of trolls

    *The ear the eye and the arm

    *House of the Scorpion


    The fire within series 1-5(i think)

    *Anything by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

    *the Sight & it's sequal Fell

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