I need help! Serious people only.?

I am in the military and am $15,000 in debt. I have gone through the debt management programs and I have been trying to find an online job ( Finding a local night shift job hasn't worked). I need to get this money as fast as possible! Can someone help me? No advertisers.

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    1 decade ago
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    Yvonne, u got into debt over the past few years and u will not get out of any faster.

    visit daveramsey.com to learn what many military people are learning - how to own their money before they become slaves to debt.

    find out how to make and use a budget. cut anything except C-rats, housing, transportaion. get second job (McD's JinBox etc) and one on weekends. pay smallest bill most first , others minimum . when smallest is paid off u win, attack the second and so on.

    stay away from any Payday scum sharks.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Forget about an online job. They either want money up front or are collecting personal info. The few that are legit have very long waiting lists. Even if you do make it to the top of the list, you won't get enough assignments to make any real money.

    Have you tried pizza delivery? I understand the pay isn't that great but you do make tips and they always seem to be looking for drivers.

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    My husband is over seas too and I had to find a way to supplement our income to help get us out of debt too. The good thing is the company I work for from home, since I have to stay with the kids, allows anyone with an APO address to participate all over the world. But be careful looking for work at home jobs because there are a lot out there to choose from. It took me years to find the right company to settle down with. Good Luck! Jennifer

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    1 decade ago

    Volunteer to go to Iraq.

    My son has been there for 11 months, and paid off $17,000 in student loans, & $10,000 in car loan, and will come home with $20,000.

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