How do you clean your ears with hydrogen peroxide?

my friend told me to use hydrogen peroxide to clean my ears, but how exactly do i do that? should i just pour some into my ear and let it sit? and then flush it out? someone please help! thanks!

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    Here are some instructions on how to clean your ears.

    Steps Q-Tip Method WARNING! Cleaning your ear with a Q-Tip or other similar devices is not recommended since it pushes parts of the earwax inside your ear which will cause buildup. Also, it risks piercing your eardrum.

    Take a Q-tip.

    Put in in your ear, but don't stick it in all the way, just clean around the outer part of your ear.

    Move it around in a circular motion until most of the wax and filth is gone.

    If you're using a 2 sided Q-tip then turn it around and continue with the same process on the other ear.

    Hydrogen Peroxide Method

    Fill an ear syringe (available at any drug store) with body-temperature hydrogen peroxide, 3% or 4% solution (also available at any drug store).

    Tilt your head back and to the left.

    Carefully insert the end of the syringe into your right ear and squirt a few drops into your ear. You should hear (and feel) fizzing and popping - almost like someone put soda pop in your ear. This "fizzing" sound is the sound of all that wax and whatnot dissolving.

    After the fizzing and popping has stopped, tilt your head to the right, allowing the liquid to drain out into a tissue.

    Repeat the process for the left ear.


    According to Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists, cotton swabs are the last thing you should be putting in your ear. Cleaning your ears with q-tips may cause more problems. Instead, use a moist cloth to wash the external part of the ear or rinse your ears out during a shower.

    Clean ears after taking a shower. It's much easier.

    The hydrogen peroxide technique should not be used more than once or twice per week at most. More than this can cause the ear canal to dry up too much.

    Do not use the hydrogen peroxide technique if you have a perforated eardrum or a history of ear problems.

    If you're not sure about any of this, consult your physician.

    For problematic earwax, consult an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Specialist.

    If you find your ear canals are drying out too much from the hydrogen peroxide, put a couple drops of oil (toasted sesame, olive, baby) into your ear. Toasted sesame is best, as it is slightly warming and has anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties.


    Do not put the Q-tip in your ear. Be careful putting anything into your ears! Even a Q-tip can scratch the ear canal, causing a painful and potentially serious infection.

    Things You'll Need

    Cotton Swab

    Hydrogen peroxide

    Ear Syringe


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    Cleaning Ears With Hydrogen Peroxide

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    Cleaning Ears With Peroxide

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    The first person who ever told me to do that was a doctor. From what I remember, the reason it can be bad is if you have a solid wax plug, the hydrogen peroxide can work its way behind it, but then not have room to expand as it bubbles, and wind up damaging your ear drum. Also it can make you totally dizzy if it's not the right temperature. Personal experience there. Darn near fell over and cracked my skull. But that hasn't stopped me. I do hear that a few drops of olive oil, to soften the wax, is a better option. There's lots of info online if you do a search.

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    Put only two or three drops in and lay on your side with the peroxide ear up. (about 1/4 of the tiny cap if you have no way to measure.) The peroxide will bubble so you can feel how far down it goes. Don't worry about it going too far. have a dry cloth ready and after it has gotten pretty deep (takes about ten minutes) you can tip your head over with the cloth against your ear. It helps disinfect when you've got an infection, and it obviously clears out wax without the use of q-tips.

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    The best way to do it is buy one of those medicine dropper things & get some peroxide in it.. Then drop a few drops in your ear & tilt your head to the side to let it get in. You should let it stay in for about 2 or 3 minutes & then I use a q-tip to get the rest of the peroxide out. I do that & it works really good.

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    Best to use an eyedropper. Put in a few drops and if you have any ear wax, you will feel a really weird sensation - like fizzy stuff in your ears. You should lay on your side for about 5 minutes and then clean your ear out with cotton swab. Then do the other side the same way.

    Unless of course when you pour the peroxide in one ear and it comes out the other side.........then you probably have other issues (though it might explain spending so much time in Yahoo answers).

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    It is not really recommended you treat your ears yourself, but I do.....You can insert two drops with your head tilted. Keep it tilted for a couple of minutes then turn it the other way and allow it to drip out. Do not insert a Q-tip - you may push wash further in by doing so.

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    You don't have to. But i pour a little in the cap, then into my ear. It feels a little cold and ticklish at first. But then you just dump it out.

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    Hydrogen peroxide can be good for cuts,bruises but to put this in your ear is not good ideal, hydrogen peroxide is for cleansing minor wounds

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