I WANT TO DYE MY JEANS from dark to BRIGHT RED or PINK. i need some help.?

thanks for looking.

I have some dark jeans. I want to dye them to be BRIGHT red or pink.

i was thinking id have to bleach them white first, right?

then where would i buy the red or pink color.

i need some step by step instructions.

from this:


to this:


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    1 decade ago
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    You could go to Joanne and buy the dye or even at walmart..i think..and just dye it..

    Your brave to wear RED pants..

  • 1 decade ago

    yes you surely want to take the denim back to white RIT dye has always worked best for me you can find this dye at any walmart on the laundry soap aisle.they make the lighter that you need to make the jeans white as well as the pink and red colors that you want .FYI:if you put bleach on your jeans or any fabric for that matter it will eat through the fabric and destroy the garmet so follow these instruction carefully......

    1.go to walmart in the laundry aisle

    2.buy RIT dye (1)fabric lighter,(1)color of your choice oh yeah they are about $1.00 a bottle

    3.follow the directions on the back of the bottle in your washing machine using the lighter first. ha ha

    4.then do the same with the color and you should be good

    5.e-mail me a pic of your pants I'm dyein to see how they turn out .if you need help after you buy the RIT dye just e-mail me

    Source(s): my love of clothes and ten years ago when i was in high school we always made new funky clothes out of the one we already had
  • 1 decade ago

    why dont you just buy them?

    and you can get dye at Walmart or Kmart.

    Or you can go to a craft store like Joanne Fabrics or Michaels and get some clothing dye there too.

    good luck.

  • klohs
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    3 years ago

    i became going to suggguest RIT and a super 10gal. lobster pot, you additionally can use the bathing device. RIT additionally sells a fixer answer to provent shade from washing out / fading. study the educational on the back of the field, verify thier internet site.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think if you put some bleach and water in a spray bottle and then spay the jeans that will lighten them up.

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