Why do Japanese serve small portions?

Ok i know Japan is archipelago thats why meat in Japan is expensive.... but why oh why do you get small portion of food? The only satisfing food in japan is Ramen .... but eating ramen on a summer is not really good... I went to this Yakuniku place and i could not belive how small the portions are... there were 3 of us and the food just disapered quickly ... good thing it was eat all you can (tabehodai)


well im actually not american but english .... i had steak in japan ... it was haft the size of the steak they serv in London ... even the yoshinoya ... i find the bowls to small compare to the yoshinoya in phil.

we have lager serving coz we dont like asking for seconds probobly .... so thats why ve got steak, roast potato, yorkshire pudding, mix veggies, and truffle .... thats a tipical english sunday roast .... usually they have lamb or half a chiken .. i like steak

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    japanese meats are expensive but taste is very good.


    japanese doesnt eat so much

    we dont like leftovers too.

    i couldnt eat all when i ordered steak and salad or something in the us. other american ate steak, salad, soup, bread, cake, icecream, coffee..... (im sorry to say that) he made me sick.

    american serve humongous portions.



    "we have lager serving coz we dont like asking for seconds probobly ...."

    i didnt know that.

    japanese dont like leftovers.

    westerner dont like seconds.

    very interesting. we are totally different. huh?

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    Because that:s the portion we're used to and that seems to be all we need. We don't look like we're starving, do we?

    One thing about food is, it takes a while for your brain to feel you have eaten enough after you actually have enough food in your stomach. So when you eat smaller potions, you may want more the moment you finish eating, but after 15 minutes or so you feel satisfied and don't feel like eating more. That's probably a good habit to adopt, I think.

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    Probably the fact that about 50% of adults in the United Kingdom are obese should tell you that people in the UK eat too much quantity wise and too much of the wrong food. Too many carbohydrates and high calorie foods. Junk food is the main culprit. There is less of that in Japan, though ramen broth contains quite a bit of oil and is rather fattening.

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    Well, I have no answer for this just my thought on the matter. I think they serve small portions because frankly thats all you need. It may also have to do with rice being a staple of the meal, there is no need for a bunch of meat and extras once all that rice has expanded in your stomach.

    On another note, lots of meat isn't good for you anyway. I think its smart for a small portion of meat, then large portions of vegetables or whatever else is healthier.

    Having that said, maybe the Japanese are more health cautious with what is being served in food, and results are the meals you are presented with. Remember they are the nation with the longest lifespan.

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    Small parts while in comparison with what? super sized American food? do no longer you think of there's a correlation between people being particularly some the fattest people interior the international and the jap being particularly some the healthiest and longest residing people interior the international?

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    because that's just the way it is. we don't need to have a big portion of food.

    well, all i can say is that if you want to eat more, pay more to eat more. if you have money, the portion size won't matter because you can order more food by paying a lot of money.

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    Even the drinks at McDonald's are smaller than the west.

    The size in Hongkong , Taiwan, and China are similar.

    That is enough for East Asians.

    See the ppl around 40-50 years old in London, you will find the answer.

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    If you get beyond the size of the portions... have you noticed the quality of the food? Probably better than what you're used to, right? Here I believe it's more a focus on quality than quantity. That, and they are health conscious, beauty conscious here. Something you'd just have to understand and enjoy as opposed to complaining about.

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    If you think the food is small try putting a 280 pound old fart in a seat on Japan Airlines..

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    The Japaneese place where I go serves more than you can eat so I usually take a box home.

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