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32 weeks pregnant?

i will be 32 weeks pregnant on monday and for the past few days, maybe almost a week i have been feeling like crap.. constent migrans that dont go away even when i take tylenol, uper and lower back pain and thats so bad that i cant tell anymore if im having contrations or bracton hick(what ever you want to call them) and i have been feeling very sick, way worse then morrning sickness in the begining. i have also been having sharp pains on my cirvex but i was told by a few people and my boyfriends mom( who happens to be a nurse) that its just my cirvix softning for labor but that got worse with pain too. so can any tell me whats going on and what i can do to help the pain. im always taking warm showers or baths and ive done everything the books say and nothing works.

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    ok coming from experience because i had this problem too, get one of those exercise balls and place it in fron of u and get on your knees behind it, stretch your arms over top of the ball and rock back and forth you will feel it when it starts to feel good u r in the right position, and also you can sit on teh ball and rock either from side to side or back and forth to bring the baby off your back and help to open your pelvis to take away the pain, hope this works for u!!!

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    I learn that fifty two% of medical professionals advise a flu shot throughout being pregnant. That wasn't sufficient of a consensus for me. First, there may be mercury in it. I think it is a preservative. We recognize mercury is horrible throughout being pregnant and we avert such a lot seafood for that hindrance - so why could we inject it?? There are a few mercury loose photographs to be had and should you need to get the flu shot now, I advise that one strongly if you'll uncover it. Secondly, you can also or won't get the flu. If you get the shot you're ensuring that your frame will need to battle it off. You're forcing your immune process to react. That's the way it works - you get one of the crucial flu cells however they are lifeless. There are simply sufficient to make your frame react to it so that you construct immunity to these lines of the flu. But once more, it is viable you might keep particularly healthful and avert the flu altogether. With the shot, you wouldn't have the probability of heading off it. And finally, make certain you do NOT get the nasal spray. That vaccine is made with LIVE flu cells and isn't reliable throughout being pregnant. I desire you keep healthful and feeling well both manner!

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    by the looks of that it might be you are too stressed out with everything and can happen without us knowing

    you need a bit to TLC go out and get pampered get manicure done and everything spend lots of time with ppl aorund you who keep you happy maybe its jsut over doing everything as every mother stresses about labour or life after birth

    try to realx and read baby calms really nice book

    good luck hope u feel better

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    call your doctor, he or she might want you to come in just to be safe. i had braxton-hicks contractions for over a month before i gave birth, luckily mine didnt hurt.

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