why government schools are better in pakistan?

why government schools are better in pakistan?Give me some reason,plz.

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    So it's Pakistan govt schools vs the private funded schooling.

    Disadvantage of govt schools:

    1. Lack of resources: this is mainly down to finance and interest. A ridiculously small amount of the annual budget is designates to education sysytem. Thus this leads to a lack of teachers, overfilled classrooms with less 1 on 1 attention, lack of books, lack of technology and overall a low class education system.

    2. There are insufficiant schools in the first place!

    3. Red tape: a lot of money is lost via the many processes.

    4. Corruption: This may be the headteacher helping himself to the school coffers or middle men helping themselves.

    5. Inflation: cost of raw matterials increases the price of books, pens, pencils and lack of suppy indeed (due to lack of demand $$$$).

    This inflation effect will have a detrimental effect on govt school finances which are already dwindling away.

    6. International recognition of qualifications.

    7. Standard of qualifications are very low. Not comparable internationally.


    1. Greater appreciation by students, likely to work harder and more adament to succeed in life compared to private school go-ers.

    2. Great advantages to poor, a free education and opportunitys. This is however at the opportuniy cost of not earning what they could do if they were employed whether as a domestic servant etc.

    3. Teachers are more likely to be more trustworthy as they are appointed by the govt who has a set procedure of entry for all staff which cannot be bypassed as done so privately.

    4. Govt schools are likely to be attended by those not financially well off. Therefore they are distributed among the poorer suburbs and villages therefore they are local to the target attendees and thus transport costs are ept at a minimum and thus an advantage to poor attendees. Private schools are mainly concentrated in citys.

    5. Financial cost: Apart from being free, it is cheaper in other ways too.

    Going to a private school will entail a wealthy student force who will be surrounded and expect peers to be up to date with gadgets, clothes, go out for lunch ($$$). With state schools you don't have these social constraints and the peer pressure and the likelihood to dabble in drugs, alcohol and cigarettes is much lower than that of private school. These goods are known as demerit goods, they are not good for society.

    This leads to my nexr advantage of less constraints and less bullying and the attitudes are likely to be different.

    Public school goers may have a positive demenour.

    Anyway thats all I can think off. Good luck with all.

    Inshallah Pakistan will become a more prosperous nation.

  • 5 years ago

    No a days Pakistan Govt. is paying close attention to Govt. Schools therefore they are getting better now.

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