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World of Warcraft Chatting...?

How do you (type) chat... I've been playing for a few days now and can not figure out how to talk to other players. I see them chatting amongst themselves but can not do so myself....


Oh, yeah... I've tried typing /1 /2 /3 /4 and so on but it tells me that I am not authorized to use this chat...

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    Chat : Enter

    General Chat : /1

    Trade Chat : /2

    Battleground Chat : /bg

    Guild Chat : /g

    Party Chat : /p

    Reply to a whisper : /r

    If you have the 10 day trial account i don't think you are authorised to Chat, General Chat or Trade Chat.

    If you have the 10 day trial account you can't reply to a whisper unless the character has added you into their friends list

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    What the last guy said + you can mouse click the speech bubble on the top corner of the chat window to get all those options and some real funny emotes. (sometimes quicker than typing)

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