High-Speed Car Testing...??? Where?

How many circuits are there where can one test cars at very high speed? (e.g. Ehra Lessien, Nardo, even Mulsanne Straight) And how easily can one actually enter these high speed bowls? (i.e. through paid admission, permits, etc)

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    You will have to contact the owners and rent exclusive use of the track for a certain time schedule. You will not be testing your vehicle with any other vehicles on the track.

    If your vehicle is not street-legal, you'll have to transport it to and from the test track with another vehicle or trailer.

    The US salt flats proposed by another answerer are probably under the jursidiction of a county or state government, and there will be some legal procedures they have set up for your needs and others' safety. I have no idea if the equivalent of salt flats exist in other countries.

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    if you worked for a high-end automotive manufacture you would already know this but if I had to take a guess I would say it is impossible, the easiest place to get onto legally is on the Nevada salt flats. they have a bunch of different events all year and I am sure there is some type of public race what you drove kinda events

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    Bonneville salt flats. If you have enough money and all the proper safety gear that is required, then maybe they will allow you to try to kill yourself.

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    Nurburgring in Germany allows you rent the track for one lap runs...17 miles of sheer terror (if you drive fast enough!).

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    Bonneville salt flats....................

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