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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows ^。^

小妹看Deathly Hallows ,遇到了些問題不明白。(可以承認,我的英文程度很低)




3.Confundus Charm是什麼?

4.Auror Offic是什麼?

5.The Order and Ministr是什麼?



The high hedge curved with them,running off into the distance beyond the pair of impressive wrought-iron gates barring the men‘s way.


None of the people seated underneath this singular sight was looking at it except for a pale young man sitting almost directly below it.




Yaxley and Dawlish are Death Eaters this I know but I don‘t know what are the names in Chinese.

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    I guess that you are reading the first chapter.

    It may be the most difficult chapter to understand.

    However, it is not very important.

    1, 2 ) Yaxley and Dawlish are Death Eaters.

    3, 4, 5 ) These were shown in book 5. Remember?

    ... If you have not yet finished book 5 & 6, you will not understand book 7.

    6) ... Where does Griphook appear? ... Is it grip-hook?

    7) I don't know how to translate into Chinese...

    "them" referring to "the men" = Snape and Yaxley

    "wrought" is past tense of "wring"

    ... try to understand it again. :)

    8) Again, I don't know how to translate into Chinese...

    "it" referring to person being tied

    ... try to read the sentenses before and after this one.

    he..he..I guessed the meaning by the same way.

    P.S.: It is easier for reading in later chapters.

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    Yaxley and Dawlish are Death Eaters (followers of Lord Voldemort). 即是食死人

    4. Auror Office是什麼?

    Auror are wizards or witches that fight against Lord Voldemort and other dark wizards (or witches). Auror office is the base of Aurors.

    Auror 即是正氣師

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