careers in astronomy?

I am fascinated by astronomy very much. I am a senior in high school and an above average student in mathematics. what is a promising career in the astronomy field that has financially stable.

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    There are a great number of careers in astronomy.

    The theoretical side of the science encompasses fields such as Cosmology, astrophysics etc.

    But unless you have a PHD, don't bother to apply.

    Then there is the statistical side, compiling positional information etc.

    But it seems to me that to a young person interested in Astronomy, the most exciting field would be Imaging.

    All the probes and Space telescopes have imaging teams assigned to the mission and these guys are the ones that get to see all the latest discoveries first. It has got to be fascinating to aim your camera and watch the first image of a newly discovered Moon of Saturn come up on the screen, as just happened recently with the Cassini imaging team. And new equipment is constantly becoming available so that there is room for not only discoveries in space, but invention here on the ground.

    Take a look at the web site of the Cassini imaging team. These guys have produced some astounding images.


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    umm an astronomy professor or researcher for NASA is all i can think of

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    good choice


    trignometry is very importany in astronomy

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