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Frank asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 1 decade ago

Do you think flight 93 was shot down?

The evidence suggests so. Regardless of if you're a conspiracy person or an official story person. Do you think the government would have / could have / did shoot down flight 93 over Pennsylvania because they knew it was probably headed for the Capitol building or the White House?

The wreckage, strewn over a couple of miles, sure suggests that it was shot down, and several eye witnesses claim they saw a fighter jet around the time it went down.

Is it possible it was shot down to deter even more loss of life and property, and the government covered up this incident to make it so the passengers didn't die in vain and create a heroic story to accompany 9/11?

I'm not sure of anything, just fishing for ideas.

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    Yes it was shot down. As a matter of fact Dickcheney nearly admitted it. Soon after 911 he appeared on some Sunday morning news programming. I have forgotten what it was..Meet the Press or something like that

    Anyway, the subject had to do with the planes -- and the question was asked of Cheney if the U.S. would shoot down civilian planes in times of terrorists attacks. The camera zoomed in on Cheney's face. I will never forget it. He answered' "well of course, in the face of national security, we would do what was necessary" Then he grinned that crooked grin, and turned away for a second or two.

    I had the oddest feeling as he looked back towards the camera and then turned away again.......

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    1 decade ago

    I believe the passengers of Flight '93 fought back against terrorists, and the terrorists decided to crash the plane and take their hostages with them because they knew they could no longer complete their objective. Now consider, a plane going full speed crashing into the ground, the wreckage would fall all over the place.

    Now, I thought you were a conspiracy nut, but after reading your question it is a fair one. If the Air Force needed to shoot down Flight '93, I believe they would have. I suggest reading the Popular Mechanics report on Flight '93 or many of the 9/11 Conspiracy debunking site out there. They have the scientific analysis of the wreckage and explain it better than I ever could.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There is no evidence that suggests so. The wreckage was no more than a mile apart, which can happen when planes bore into the ground at 6 or 7 hundred miles per hour.

    Materialize these several eye witnesses? The "white plane" theory has largely been discredited as a private jet flying several miles away, not atypical. If flight 93 was shot down there would be a trail of debris scattered across dozens of miles, not just one or two.

  • 4 years ago

    Yes, of course it was, there were people who witnessed the white fighter jet that shot it down, and there are tons of interviews, the 9/11 commision didn't interview any of the people whose evidence would clearly support a shoot down...what can you do...the American people were offered such a sweet and comforting story about heroes that was just not true. The people do not want to know the truth, and the shoot down of 93 is just the start of it...follow the links and be enlightened:

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    One of the biggest conspiracy theories about flight 93, was that they found wreckage at Indian lake, which the conspiracy theorist say was 5 miles away.

    The only problem being, is it is 5 miles away if you drive on the road, The conspiracy theorist used map quest to get driving directions and distance.

    But it is less than a mile by straight line.

    And it was a business jet that people saw, not a fighter.

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    If you were indeed fishing at all you would have watched the History channel just the other day. It debunked all the conspiracy theories including the one you spoke of. There is a explanation for that plane being there with recorded information from the flight controller speaking to that plane. It also explains the debri field of the wreckage. A plane traveling over 500 miles an hour basically crashed straight down into the ground. It is not uncommon for wreckage to be thrown that far. Please, if you want to fish, you have to you a fishing pole.

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    I would understand if it were but there is far too much evidence to the contrary. Knowing people like Todd Beamer, some in the plane took over, disarmed and disabled the terrorists (there was a black belt in Judo on board) and then lost control of the plane.

    Give it up guys, the government of the usa didn't orchestrate 9-11; Muslim extremists did

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    What evidence suggests so? The flight recorder and much other evidence doesn't. There's plenty of explanations for everything you mention, if you stop listening to the conspiracy nuts and take the time to look into it.

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    No. The passengers called their loved ones and told them what they were about to do. Also, eye witnesses saw the plane flying erratically as it rolled over before crashing.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It wasn't shot down, mainly because W was too engrossed in The Pet Goat story book, posing for pictures, then changing his panties to give any orders to engage the terrorists.

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