What is the politically correct term for black people in countries other than the United States?

In the United States they are referred to as African Americans, but in other countries, they obviously are not.

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    Not 'all' black people in the United States

    are referred to as 'African-Americans'.

    Our society really needs to try to begin to understand that

    the 'African-American' (AA) 'Ethnic' group is *not* the

    same group as the ’Black American' (BA) 'Race' group --

    that the two (2) terms are *not* synonymous and that the

    two (2) terms should *not* be used inter-changeably.

    We are *not* speaking of ‘semantics’ here – but rather

    – the BAs & AAs are two (2) different groups of people.

    The AAs are the (largely Mixed-Race) ETHNIC group.

    The BAs are the (Mono-Raced) RACE group.

    As confusing as it seems -- the U.S. government

    [due to racism & wanting to stigmatize the part

    of their lineage that was from Africa which, by

    the way, is only one (1) part of their lineage] ---

    has labeled those individuals who are the known

    "descendents of the survivors" of the system of

    chattel-slavery found in the USA as being AAs

    (the hyphen is used in reference to acknowledging

    the fact that most of them are Mixed-Race,

    with African & non-African blood lines)


    has labeled those people who are "volitional immigrants"

    who are directly from places such as the continent of

    Africa, the West Indies, etc. -- as being BAs

    (with the word 'Black' used in reference to acknowledging

    the fact that they are of a Mono-racial full-Black lineage).

    In addition, it should also be remembered that – although

    some AAs adhere to a socio-political ‘identity’ that is

    often described by the slang term of “black”—the AAs

    are actually *not* a "Race" group at all -- but rather

    they *are* a largely Mixed-Race 'Ethnic' group

    (and the socio-political ‘identity’ that a person chooses

    *does not* change their racially-mixed ancestral lineage).

    Most (+70%) of the people born to two (2) parents who

    are of the AA ‘Ethnic’ group are of a ‘Multi-Generational

    Multi-Racially ‘Mixed’ (MGM) lineage – while the people

    born to two (2) parents who are of the BA ‘Racial’ group –

    on the other hand – are of a Mono-Racially ‘Black’ lineage.

    There is a big difference between a largely Multi-racial

    'Ethnic' group and between a Mono-racial 'Race group.

    In addition, there is also a big difference between

    one's socio-political 'identity' (ex. "black") and

    one's ancestral racial 'lineage' (ex. 'Mixed').

    Just because a person adheres to a given

    socio-political 'identity' does *not* change

    the composition of their ancestral 'lineage'.

    Also -- the 'One-Drop' Rule (the false teaching that

    'any amount' of Black ancestral lineage make a

    person "full black") is nothing more than pure-racism.

    The racist 'One-Drop Rule' (used only by the United

    States government, by the way) was created during

    the antebellum, chattel-slavery era by White racial

    supremacist in order to get people to believe the false

    racist myth that the so-called White "race" was "pure"

    and to falsely view the Black "racial" admixture

    (even the slightest amount) within someone's

    ancestral lineage as being "tainted".

    To embrace the 'One-Drop Rule' is the equivalent of BOTH

    embracing "racism" and embracing the false teaching

    that a Mixed-Race person's Black lineage is "tainted".

    My advice is that a non-Racist should *not* embrace

    the concept of the 'One-Drop Rule' -- as "Black blood"

    is *not* "tainted" -- and should never be perceived

    or embraced as being so (not even in the

    name of so-called "pride" and "unity").

    In addition, legally-speaking, attempted forcible

    application of the racist 'One-Drop Rule' -- against

    any individual or group -- was made illegal and ruled

    as unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court

    in 1967 via the case of 'Loving vs. The State of Virginia'.

    Through the 'Loving vs. Virginia' case, the U.S.

    Supreme Court, ruled against both all of the laws

    banning Interracial marriage -- and -- also ruled

    that any so-called law which forcibly applied the

    'One Drop Rule' -- was racist, discriminatory,

    illegal, unconstitutional, and non-enforcible.



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    ------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------

    --- Dr. Luigi Caveli-Sforza, who is the Executive

    Director of the Human Genome Project and the

    world's foremost authority on human genetics

    has both tested and proven that more that 70%

    of all AAs have a full ancestral lineage which

    consists of +20-30% White / European and

    more than +25% Amerindian bloodlines.

    --- That means that the 'average' (+70%) person

    born to two (2) parents who are both members

    of the AA Ethnic group actually has slightly

    less than 50% Black / African blood lineage

    found in his or her full-ancestral lineage.

    For more information -- see supporting links listed below:







    --------------------------- ADDED NOTE ---------------------

    It should also be noted that -- contrary to popular belief and

    myth spread among many groups who are not educated or

    informed on the whole topic -- it was not the group that is

    currently being referred to as being the African-Americans

    (AAs) -- who chose this term for them -- but rather --

    like so many of the other terms used to describe

    them -- this term was also implemented by

    the United States federal government

    (starting with the 1990 United

    States 'Census Bureau' Forms).

    If a person insists on spreading the 'myth' that it was the

    AAs who chose this term for themselves -- it is clearly

    indicative of the fact that they have never even once

    actually studied the entire topic and are simply basing

    their comments on assumption-based ignorance --

    rather than objective facts and empirical evidence.




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    Politically Correct Racial Terms

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    Black People.

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    I would say other countries are not so bent on being so completely politically correct. Most likely whether white or black they are probaly just french, russian, german, italian, greek, etc etc etc. Just my opinion. Not sure if there really is a politically correct term.

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    I suppose you could call them African _____ (insert nationally), but that could get awkward after a while. for example, if your in France and you call someone an African Frenchman when they're really an African Englishman. I prefer just to call black people black, on the premise that I would prefer to be called white, not Caucasian American.

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    Well in the UK,when reading about or talking about a person,colour doesn't come into it.

    The only time colour is mentioned(on the news) is when a crime is committed and a full description is given.White,Asian,oriental,African.etc.

    In private black people are referred to as black.

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    I think, generally speaking, black people are referred to as 'indigenous' but I could be wrong.

    Here in Australia they are Aboriginals & Torres Strait Islanders (Islanders), however most just stick to white and black. I think people find it simpler that way (you know, 1 syllable and all lol).

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    Forget PC stuff, pple like being real. Black is what you call them.

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    human beings

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    They are called "black people"

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    most countries in Africa the word would be (Us) and white people would be (them)

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