needing college algebra online tutor?

Okay I am a math idiot. I am taking college algebra but only because I have to. I know this is straight forward, but I need a online tutor that can help me ALOT. I want to pass this course so I won't have to worry with math anymore. No, I am not a 20 year old either so can anyone be kind enough to dedicate some time to help me out?? Would appreciate it thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Need a college algebra online tutor? Try some online tutoring sites like:

    1) - tutoring by retired teachers and volunteers (free)

    2) - tutoring by professional tutors (not free)

    3) ... and many more (use search engine).

    Think ouside the box and you'll have more options! Good luck!

  • 4 years ago

    Do you reside close to to a jr. college or college? Why not audit (i think of that's what that is observed as) a course in college Algebra a hundred and one. there is likewise a remedial course greatest as much as a hundred and one. Took me 2 situations (dropped out the 1st time) yet made an A 2nd time by. that is effortless to forget approximately that stuff. wager it is the reason they provide the remedial. could desire to be plenty extra inexpensive to easily audit. or you may get a school algebra a hundred and one textbook and notice merely how a techniques in the back of you're. in keeping with hazard it is going to finally click for you because it did for me. attempt the library for the e book merely to take a glance. in keeping with hazard somebody will answer you it knows a pair place on line. sturdy success to you. Sorry i could not be of extra help.

  • Kitkat
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    1 decade ago

    I can dedicate some time to help you out.

    I have taken up through college calculus and tutored math last semester.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Kitkat do you think you can help me with college algebra?

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