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Out of these 5 trainers which one is the best overall? And Why?

Dan Birmingham

Freddie Roach

Emanuel Steward

Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Roger Mayweather

Any other great trainers that can really put a fighter over the top becuase these are the only 5 I can think of?


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    In order

    1. Emanuel Steward (The international trainer of champions, Hearns, Moorer, Toney, Chavez, De La Hoya, Hammed, Taylor, Cintron, Benitez, Lewis, Holyfield, Klitschko)

    2. Freddie Roach (Today's newest recognized trainer, was trainer of Tyson, and now Toney, Vasquez, and Manny Pacquiao. Soon after Pacquiao's rising stardom, he trained De La Hoya and Hopkins.)

    3. Floyd Mayweather Sr. (First trainer of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Trainer of Oscar De La Hoya since 2001. Now the trainer of two undefeated champions, Chad Dawson and Joan Guzman.)

    4. Dan Birmingham (Trained Winky Wright for 17 years. Trained Jeff Lacy and Chad Dawson)

    5. Roger Mayweather (Permanent Trainer of Pound 4 pound Floyd Mayweather Jr.)


    Other Great Boxing Trainers, No Order

    Angelo Dundee (Trained Muhammed Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Carmen Basilio, Old George Foreman)

    Eddie Futch (Trained Joe Frazier, Alexis Arguello, Larry Holmes, Ken Norton, Michael Spinks, Riddick Bowe)

    Cus D'Amato (Trained Floyd Patterson, Jose Torres, Teddy Atlas, Kevin Rooney, Mike Tyson)

    Louis "Lou" Duva (Trained Holyfield, Whittaker, Moorer, Gatti, Medrick Taylor, Lewis, Pazienza, Hector Camacho)

    Ray Arcel (Trained Ezzard Charles, Jim Braddock, Alfonso Frazier, Roberto Duran, Larry Holmes)

    Ignacio "Nacho" Beristain (Trainer of Ricardo Lopez, Daniel Zaragoza, Gilberto Roman, Juan Manuel and Rafael Marquez)

    Eddie Townsend (Trained many Asian Champions, like Takeshi Fuji, Ebihara)

    Teddy Atlas (Trainer of Mike Tyson, Michael Moorer)

    Buddy McGirt (Trained Arturo Gatti, Antonio Tarver, Lamon Brewster, Vernon Forrest)

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    These are the 5 best trainers in the game today, but Stewart by far, he has created champs all over the boxing game, He has/had an elite group of Figters that came from his eye for talent(dropping McCall and taking Lewis after McCall-Lewis 1, Taking Kermit Cintron after his loss to Margarito, Getting Andy Lee, Signing Jermaine Taylor, Taking the Klitchko's, etc.)

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    i can only answer who i think is the best and why i think he is the best and he is not on your list,his name is enzo calzaghe and i think i just give his surname away as he is the father of the wbo super middleweight champion joe calzaghe.he has also got another 2 world champions to add to his record enzo mac and gavin rees,and he has got a few other good names in his stable .if u watch this guy with his fighters in the ring he really gets these guys fired up and fully motivated,i would love to be a a part of that boxing stable as i know i could have gone a long way if i carried on boxing but now im 29 and feel as if im too old to get back into the sport

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    a million. The Rock (best) 2. Stone chilly 3. Shawn Michaels 4. Undertaker (best) 5. Bret Hart (best) __________________ a million. The Rock . 2. Shawn Michaels . 3. No . Bret is in basic terms too ''happy'' for the Undertaker . 4. Shawn Michaels . 5. The Rock . 6. Stone chilly . 7. Shawn Michaels . 8. Undertaker . 9. Uh, consistent with risk .

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    Eddie Futch and Ray Arcel are probably the two greatest trainers of all time. I don't think anyone had more champions than they did(and I'm not talking alphabet "titleists", here. I mean true WORLD champions).

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    Eddie Futch and Ray Arcel are the best from days gone by.

    Emanuel Steward is one of, if not the best today.

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    the best overall is Emanuel Steward, he train many great champions.

    Right now, i think Freddie Roach is the most in-demand trainer. He made Pacquiao a feared, one of the best pound-for-pound boxer today.

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    Out of these then Steward, but Futch was a great one, as was Cus D'mato.

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    Ray Arcel.

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    Emanuel Steward...

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