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I am in desperate need of help. I am creating a website for a deceased friend and I am trying to place a description under a photo in a popup window. I have the code set that when the video is clicked a larger version of this photo popups in a seperate window, but I cannot get a description underneath this photo for anything! can you please help and tell me where the code for a description of the photo should be placed....thanks you soo much

code im using....

<a href="" onclick="' return false"><img scr=" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at


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    1 decade ago
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    I'm not sure if you want your caption on the small picture or the one that pops up, and I think you mean the one that pops up.

    If that's what you are after, then you can't open it as an image file (btw you have img scr instead of img src in this code), you will have to open it as an html or php file with the photo and caption on it. You could do this by creating a small php file called eg. image.php that GETS the image filename and caption amd displays them. So you would have to add this information to the url:



    [note I split this because otherwise Answers would have hidden part of it from view, but it needs to be on one line, with no line break]

    I guess you would also need a line in there to take out the underscores in the caption (having real spaces in there can cause problems) and replace them with spaces:

    $caption = str_replace("_"," ",$caption);

    So your image.php file would end up like this:


    $src = $_GET['src'];

    $caption = $_GET['caption'];

    $caption = str_replace("_"," ",$caption);

    echo "<img src=\"$src\" alt=\"$caption\" /><br />$caption";


    and your thumbnail or whatever would use "image.php?src=file.jpg&caption=This_caption" as the url for the popup contents.

    Is that ok?

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    3 years ago

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