In 2008 who should I vote for?

Vote for: Fair Wages! Affordable Benefits! HEALTH CARE!

Democrat, Republican or ? Any and ALL POLITICIANS. Can you try and save the middle class American? Making it in America....… Is it possible For us average Americans? To retire at 65? Send 2 Kids to college? Not have to work until you die? Have Health Care that is affordable?

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    1 decade ago
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    This election is a first for me. I never thought I'd ever vote for a republican esp after the disaster we call the Bush administration. But I found a canidate who really inspires me. I will be voting for Ron Paul. He is anti-war, wants to lower taxes for the middle class and poor, voted no against the Patriot Act, voted no against the amendment banning gay marriges. He believes the United States should have a non-intervenionlist forgien policy where we trade and negiote with other countries instead of fighting useless wars where so many innocent people die. He wants to drastically reduce the debt the United States is in and restore our country to the democracy it once was. Finally we have a voice for the people.. one that isn't backed by corporations and lobbyists.. but by the people.. Ron Paul is a man of his word.. just check his track record.. He knows where he stands on the issues, unlike other canidates whose stances seem to change from week to week.. I truly believe he can boost the morale of this country and restore a democracy for the people not just for the elite...

  • Stephanie Tubbs Jones

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    1 decade ago

    What I feel. Regardless if they are a republican, or democrat they were rich to begin with to get to where they are. They all have a fat rich mans brain. You just need to look for the one who is less of a sh** head.

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    The only difference between Republicans and Democrats is how they stick it to you.

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    1 decade ago

    If those are the things your are requesting, then Clinton is your vote.

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