If God created Earth, and Earth became a place of pain and torment because of the 'fall of Man',?

Who's to say that it will be any different in Heaven?

What makes people think everything will be OK once they get to heaven? What makes you believe he'll let you stay? Because he "promised"? According to the Bible, God said nothing about what would occur post-heaven except that it, like hell, would be eternal. He certainly didn't say that people can just stay up there if he doesn't feel like letting them. Why do you believe that "he" will suddenly decide to keep you 'up there' after serving but one earthly lifetime?

If he could torment Job like he did on Earth, then he could certainly do the same to those in Heaven - sacrifice their children and their wives/husbands to Hell just to see if they'll keep the faith and stay up there with him?


T.D. - It was indeed God's choice to "teach Job a lesson". That he actually did it as a 'lesson' to Satan doesn't lessen the cruelty of it. I am aware that God tortured Job to show Satan that faith was more than mere fear but instead made his liege (Job) look like a complete fool. He believed alright. He certainly did believe. It's rather like telling a child "She deserved it" over & over again for years after torturing and killing that child's mother in front of him. The child will believe it but he certainly won't grow up normal.

Update 2:

Hi Linda B. - You say you don't believe in the God of the O.T. yet you refer to him as your god when you say that he 'really didn't torture Job'. Which is it - is he or is he not your God? I have explained just why God did indeed make a choice to torture Job - unless Satan is really the omniscient one and God just a spectator.

Also, it seems like you've "chosen" the god that gives you what you want most (heaven, unconditional love, etc.). I cannot understand how exactly such faith works when it is so obviously steeped in what the best outcome might be. Jesus teaches us many things, as does Buddha, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Hitler, Stalin, Mao, David Duke... some have good to teach, some evil, but nonetheless we all learn. Who is to say that one of them has any less to teach us then Jesus? How do you believe in someone's teachings as religion and lesson the impact of the others?

Update 3:

Morning Star - If God is omniscient then he created the angels WITH THE FOREKNOWLEDGE that they would fall. There is no free will under someone who already knows how everything will turn out. Thus, he is the one who decided to have them fall to Earth. It was premeditated, however much we all would like to believe ANY God loves us unconditionally and would first do no harm. How can we have free will under someone who has already decided what we will do and how it will pan out? We cannot. Therefore, why not just create us automatically in heaven as good and allow us to experience the eternal universe from the start?

Update 4:

So, God took a dare then? From Satan? Did he take a similar dare from Hitler? Why does he keep taking these dares when he knows the horrors of them?

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    Earth is also a place of pleasure, joy, peace, and bliss among all the other feelings labeled good and bad. This is part of the reason earth makes a wonderful place to learn lessons we need. I believe there are tiers of heaven, we decide if we want to move up to levels closer to God or not. Jesus taught us that heaven is a good place to be. He also taught that God loves us more than we can even get our mind around. Speculation regarding heaven is useless as we won’t truly know until the time comes. This one is about faith, or lack thereof. I do not believe in the god of the Old Testament. Many spirits can make man believe they are God. However, the God that the Christ introduced us to is all about unconditional love. God did not torment Job, he allowed Satan to do so. Job didn’t complain about it, he simply accepted it and continued to believe in God. Besides this is in the Old Testament which passed away with the birth of Christ. I don’t believe it is the same God I worship and love. I’m not sure that any part of the Bible is reliable anyway. It’s been raped by scholars so many times. There is so much more I’d like to say, but I probably should stop here.

    Blessed Be

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    GOD never promised Adam and Eve they could lose paradise. God gave them FREE WILL.

    God never promised the Jews a cozy life if they obeyed.

    Jesus never promised that when a person goes from an unbeliever to a believer that his life will not be difficult. Actually he does say your life will be more difficult because they may be persecuted in His name.

    We are never promised a cushy life after being saved. But we ARE PROMISED that Jesus will walk beside us and comfort us when we do go thru hard times.

    One thing they both DO PROMISE is that as believers, once in heaven:

    There will be no more crying or sadness.

    We will have new bodies like Christ

    We will not be capable of sinning any longer.

    We will experience more joy than we could imagine

    This is what God promises. I am willing to take a chance on this rather than to be tormented for eternity along with Satan in the "Lake of Fire" as God promises for all the unbelievers....

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    First off let me say, that God created Earth as a place of Love, and Peace. The Fall was not of man, but of Angels. God casted them down to Earth after the battle in Heaven. It is different in Heaven, and will always be. God, said in the bible that there will be no more pain, no more tears, and Heaven. Heaven is your reward for living your life for him here.You have to understand that God has never done anything wrong.It was the falling angels,and that is why there is so much pain and torment here, you see the falling angles are still here.They will not get to leave Earth until the end of time., and that is when they will be cast into the lake of fire.

    One more thing God did not do anything to Job,Satan did, and God let Satan do that because Satan told God that the only reason that Job was living his life for him,was that he had a good life,and Satan told God if you let me try him he will not live for you and will curse you, so God told Satan he could do anything to Job but kill him, because you see God knew Job would live for him on matter what. and he did. If not for Satan Job would never have went threw anything, and i know that when i get to heaven i will stay there because Satan will not be there and because God don't lie.

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    very very simple but you must be a believer if not this answer will not work for you . ready God said SO! please go back and read the bible again because for some reason God felt that you was not ready for the truth that is printed therein because all of your info is wrong wrong.first of all God didn't torment job the devil did, people need to learn that God is love and love don't torment anything, but the world do example a men tell his wife he love her and then put his hands on her to hurt her. We serve a God that will never cause us hurt, pain or anything of that sort ,somewhere you turned when you should of kept straight

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    it will be totally different in heaven b/c only those who are born again & living holy for God will enter.

    these are those who traveled the "narrow" road.

    most people today travel down the "broad" path that leads to destruction (hell).

    there won't be any hatred, sarcasim, etc. in heaven.

    God doesn't suddenly change all the rules. they have been the same since the beginning of time....

    obey & reap God's promises. God has never gone back on His word.

    as for job... it was NOT God's idea to torture job.

    it was satan's. he mistakenly thought job loved God b/c he (job) was so blessed.

    God allowed satan to do anything to job except kill him... to prove job's love & loyalty to Him, even when going through major attacks of satan.

    the same holds true for us today.

    how many can stand the test??

    how many will reap the benefits??

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    That was the OLD TESTAMENT, this is now the NEW

    TESTAMENT, God does not torment people anymore, Jesus

    took every sickness and diseaes on the cross, and died for

    our sins so that we could have straight contact with God, God

    does not beat us over the head if we do the wrong thing,

    neither does he put sickness and diseases on us, He loves


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    And will there be a new Caste system set up in heaven to weed out the borderline believers?

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    The Lord protect us from those who trespass against Humanity and all of the creations of THE LORD, Allah SWT

    Salam Alaikum Wu Rhamat Allah Wu Barakathou

    Peace unto you and mercy and blessings from Allah SWT(Most High, Most Gracious)

    The Lord unto thee has granted Jesus A.s. or Isa A.s. eternal paradise long before he was created.

    InshAllah he is smiling and enjoying the love of the people he left with his faith that was granted by the Allah SWT or the Lord as he has many names but he prefers to be called Allah SWT


    Al Quran Al Karim

    The Translations of the Holy Quran

    The NVRS Version of The Bible

    The Gospel According to John A.s. or Aka. Yahya A.s. :)

    Khair inshAllah Ya Rub Amin

    Source(s): Plan was designed unto the.... LORD ALL MIGHTY answered everything go read it inshAllah peace unto you.
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    Maybe we're like GI Joes and God's brat son is just going to melt us in the microwave for fun.

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    i think the earth has only become a "place of pain and torment" is because of people's actions and choices.

    there is no "curse on man"

    i'm sure heaven is a beautiful place, that will only be given to the people who deserve it and have earned it.

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