Common Law vs Civil Law?

What are the differences between common law jurisdiction and civil law jurisdiction?

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    1 decade ago
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    I had looked up common law common law is based on customs, usage and judicial decision according to my old dictionary, black law dictionary says for english common law is form of limited government govern commerce not people.

    civil law is of citizens not religious or it is a body of laws having to do with private rights. I believe that the difference with which courts you are, if one is in a civil court ones rights are guaranteed and the decisions handed down are based on your private rights, but in the other based on government rights but not sure about that one.

    I would be interested myself so I can be sure. I was reading that in military law (which by the way they have put this country under with no one noticing) you have no rights. One lawyer I heard said if you are ever in court besure you know which one you are in, look at the flags, if you see a american flag with a gold fringe you are in a military or merchant court.

    if not fringe it might be civil court. This determines whether they go by the corporate united states law (merchant or military) or civil law based on private rights.

    RRRR of course it is all confusing to me anyway.

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