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What is the worst restaurant chain?

In my opinion it's Shoney's. Overprice buffet style food that makes a package of Kraft cheese and macaroni seem like "haute cuisine" in comparison. I made the mistake of going there once. I wish I had gone to McDonald's instead. It was horrible. A close second is Ponderosa steak house.

What is your worst restaurant?

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  • Toni B
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    I have to agree with you, Shoney's is HORRIBLE. The one by my house here in Charlotte just recently closed down. I ordered a steak and asked for it to me medium rare. It was raw. They took the steak back and it came back over well done (it was the same steak too). My kids had ordered the buffet but when they started eating the food it was like rubber. It was old and had gotten so hard from sitting on the buffet. When I called the manager to let him know everything that was wrong he was no help. I told him my kids were not able to eat the food on the buffet and about my steak. They did nothing. I notified the regional office and still there was no resolution. When I grew up in Pittsburgh, the shoneys up there although far and few between were awesome.

  • skip
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    You must have hit a bad Shoney's. I usually eat there if I'm travelling early morning and I want something filling to start the day. I've never been disappointed.

    I don't care for the atmosphere at Golden Corral - too many kids running (literally) about the place and no-one seems to be concerned about keeping them in order.

    O'Charley's has great food and abysmal service. Been to four separate franchises and they all have the same problem. Can't work that one out.

    I don't eat at Applebee's. Not so much for the food (although it's nothing special) but because of their misleading advertising. They repackage a selection of items as a meal, give you less than you would get if you ordered the items separately and still charge you more.

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    I've always heard the cleanliness in Chinese restaurants are generally below standard. Heard horror stories from some waitressed that landed in a few of them. Just dirty, different standard. Yucky food is Sonic. Ordered a Subway, got home, took it out of the clear to go bag, unwrapped the paper, and a small bug RAN out. That's nasty.

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    Golden Corral, by far.

    While most buffets are irritating (with the exception of some Indian restaraunts), Golden Corral feels like a feeding trough. Folks just graze on in.

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  • I agree Shoney's is terrible!!! I went there when I was pregnant with my twins and it was so bad I didn't keep it down. The food was old. I threw up right on the floor and they gave us a full refund.

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    Wow there are so many.. I chose ANY Chinese Buffets. Or at least the ones i have gone to in the past.. I love Chinese food but don´t like buffets. They make me feel sick.. I don´t have a name in specific, just the ones that i have visited..

    take care..


  • Anonymous
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    Red Robin

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    Red Lobster. I used to work there and can tell you the food is overpriced, the staff is overworked and underrepresented, bad customers demanding why their frozen daiquiri doesn't have a lot of alcohol, bad service, bad management, and worst of all, has a pest control problem due to the seafood.

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    Usually, the further you get away from a restaurants point of origin the worse they get. For example, further away from northern Ohio, the worse Bob Evans' gets. Further from Buffalo, the worse Chili's gets. Further from Chicago, the worse Uno's gets. The further from California the worse Big Boy gets. It goes on and on. Do some research and you should be fine.

  • Buzzy
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